Part Time Instructional Positions

TVCC is inviting interested and qualified instructors to apply to our applicant pool.

Minimum Qualifications for College Transfer Instructors (TI)

  1. Minimum qualifications for instructional assignment is a Master's degree in the subject area taught.
  2. If the instructor's Master's degree is not in the subject area to be taught and is in a discipline education area (i.e. math education) or related subject area, then a minimum of 18 quarter hours of graduate credit must have been completed in the discipline being taught as an assignment.
  3. If minimum qualifications are not met, an equivalency process may be considered.

Minimum Qualifications for Professional/Technical Instructors (PTI)

  1. Minimum qualifications for journey level status is an Associate Degree or advanced degree with three years of related work or Journeyman status plus three years of additional directly related work experience.

If you are interested in teaching as a part time instructor at TVCC, please contact the appropriate department chair or the Human Resource Office.

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