Student Activities

The Student Activities organization is part of the Student Leadership Team. It is comprised of six student coordinators who initiate, plan, and execute a variety of events and activities for the campus and community.

Students who participate in Student Activities have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience through contact with talent agencies and entertainment companies. In addition, students have the autonomy to plan large-scale events and collaborate with faculty and staff on campus projects. More importantly, students gain experience with event management, promotion, facilities coordination, public relations, and fiscal management.

Kayla Hamilton

Activities Coordinator

Activities Coordinator for the 2018-2019 school year is Kayla Hamilton. She is studying radiology science and is currently a certified medical assistant. Her favorite color is blue, favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups, and her favorite sports team is the Portland Trailblazers. Kayla says she often gets mistaken for Julianne Hough!

Jennifer Garcia

Special Events Coordinator

Jennifer Garcia is the team’s Special Events Coordinator. She is from Stanfield, Oregon and plans to obtain a career in dental hygiene. She is the captain of the girl’s cross country team, is a part of the track and field team, and is also a CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program) alumni. Her favorite things include the color purple, Mexican candy, Wonder Woman, dancing, and food!

Lindsey Tolman

Entertainment Coordinator

Entertainment Coordinator this year is Lindsey Tolman. She is a Vale High graduate studying early childhood education at TVCC. Lindsey’s least favorite chore is vacuuming, and she loves Sour Patch Kids and Milky Ways! A quote she lives by is “Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

Kellie Tucker

Intramurals Coordinator

Kellie Tucker is the Intramurals Coordinator. She is from Firth, Idaho and on top of student leadership, she is also involved in volleyball and track at Treasure Valley. The first thing she bought with her own money was an iPod Touch. What Kellie misses the most about being a kid is not having to pay for things!

Lillian Kelley

Public Information Officer

Lilly Kelley is the Public Information Officer. She is from Spirit Lake, Idaho and is a part of the women’s basketball team here on campus. Although she is no longer there, she is still her high school basketball team’s biggest fan. Lillian says that the first thing she bought with her own money was probably candy!


Lectures/Awareness Coordinator

Keegan Laughlin is our Lectures/Awareness Coordinator! She is from Wells, Nevada and is a freshman at TVCC this year. Her hobbies include sports, singing, and hanging out with friends. One word to describe her is outgoing. Keegan’s autobiography of her life would be titled “The Spectacular Life of Keegan Laughlin.”


The Student Activities selection process is conducted during the Spring quarter. Positions officially take office on July 1st and remain in office until June 30th of the following year. Applications are available during the month of April and the selection process begins the first week of May. Occasionally positions may become available mid-year. Any full-time student, enrolled in 12 or more credits and maintaining a 2.5 cumulative and quarterly grade point average are eligible for stipend and tuition waiver opportunities through the TVCC Student Leadership Program.

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The Student Activities Office is located in the Weese Building.
Please contact us at or by calling (541) 881-5781 to learn about the many ways to get involved!