Clubs & Organizations

Associated Student Clubs and Organizations exist to provide meaningful programs which supplement the educational process by offering educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities and events for the general student body. These clubs/organizations are formed to fulfill a common interest of a group of students and will follow the appropriate Associated Student Body clubs and organizations chartering procedures for membership.

Programs and events organized by clubs and organizations must take place outside of the classroom and are not generally associated with an instructional area or department of the College. It is recognized that certain clubs may have a relationship with an instructional program even though it is not their primary purpose as an organization. As a result, clubs or organizations will not be authorized to supplement activities that would typically be considered departmental costs. However, they may co-sponsor activities which fit the criteria of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities.

Clubs and organizations are a great way to connect with fellow students, as well as be involved in your campus and local community. Opportunities for leadership development, skill attainment, community involvement and fun teamwork abound in TVCC's clubs and organizations.

Want to get involved? Want to start a new club on campus?
Contact the Clubs and Organizations Center at 541-881-5791 for information about joining or starting a club.