TVCC is a comprehensive community college dedicated to promoting student success. 


TVCC will be an excellence-driven institution offering quality programs to ensure student success. 

President Young's Vision

  • Make TVCC the First Choice for students;
  • Focus on enrollment growth strategies;
  • Increase efforts to promote a positive college public image;
  • Advance internal communication and connections;
  • Cultivate diversity and cultural opportunities;
  • Promote safety and security across campus; and
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Civility Statement

Within Treasure Valley Community College, civility is defined as a demonstration of mutual respect - for people, for their roles, for their knowledge and expertise. Civility requires cooperation, tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, kindness, courtesy and patience. It will be expressed not only in the words we choose, but in our tone, demeanor and actions. All members of the TVCC community are responsible for and expected to exemplify and promote civility.

TVCC is committed to creating and maintaining a positive learning and working environment. While it is understood that disagreement will, and should, occur in a collegiate setting, open communication, intellectual integrity, mutual respect for differing viewpoints, freedom from unnecessary disruption, and a climate of civility are important values that we embrace.

Core Themes

The Core Theme of Fostering Educational Success provides a systematic method to measure student learning and achievement.

At TVCC, the "Institutional Indicators" are those metrics that are of primary concern and serve as proxies for the quality and sustainability of the institution:  student enrollment; student retention and transfer rates; student completion rates; and student loan default rates.

At TVCC, Ensuring Access means equitable access to quality education.

Reduce the achievement gap for first-generation college students, underrepresented students of color, and economically disadvantaged students.

At TVCC, Building Our Community means positively affecting our community on two levels. The first level is our campus community, including traditional and non-traditional students, as well as faculty and staff.

The second level is positively affecting the local communities that we serve. This core theme represents many of the other activities on campus, that complete the story of TVCC, as they are essential to understanding the holistic function and role of TVCC in our larger community.


Shared Values Statement

Adopted 09/18/18 by Board of Education

At TVCC, we strive to support diversity and to be an equitable, inclusive community that provides a safe environment and embraces the dignity and worth of every person. We acknowledge that a multicultural presence of faculty, staff, and students enriches dialogue, collaboration, education, and outreach.  As an institution, it is vital that our faculty, staff, and students have the experience, perspective, and cultural competency to operate in an ever-changing environment. Our business practices and community relations maintain a focus on connecting with communities and cultures.

TVCC supports the institution-wide commitment to create and maintain a learning, teaching, and working environment free of discrimination and barriers.  This requires the effort of every member of the community college.