Jobs at TVCC

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Provides supervision, planning, and organization over the Nursing Department and Allied Health program.

Lead instructor responsible for the flight and ground instruction of Private Pilot students in the Aviation Applied Science program.

Responsible for teaching in the classroom, various clinical settings, and in the Simulation lab.

Represents the College for the purpose of recruiting and promoting services provided within the CAMP department (College Assistance Migrant Program).

Provides assistance to the Head Coach in support of the TVCC baseball team.

This position is responsible for assisting the head coach for an intercollegiate volleyball team. The assistant coach works closely with the head coach to ensure the proper management of the program.

Part-time position, providing clerical support for the Aviation Department.

Assists with the daily activities and production within the TVCC Copy Center.

Part-time position located at the TVCC Caldwell campus. Performs a variety of tasks required for the upkeep and care of college buildings and facilities.

This part-time position will teach in the classroom, clinical settings and in the Simulation lab.

This part-time position is responsible for teaching in the classroom, clinical settings and in the Simulation lab.


How to Apply:

Candidates are encouraged to submit only what is requested for the application packet. If you apply for more than one position, a separate and complete application packet must be submitted for each position. It is your responsibility to make sure your complete application packet reaches the HR office by 5 p.m. on the closing date or first review date. Applications will be accepted only for announced vacancies.

Step 1 - Obtain an Application for Employment

  • Please use the "TVCC Application" to complete and save the application to your desktop. This document must be included in your application submission.

Step 2 - Gather all other required documentation

  • Resume and cover letter (detailing relevant experience and qualifications)
  • Transcripts from accredited University or College (unofficial copies are acceptable during application process. If an offer is extended, official transcripts must be submitted before the start date.)
  • Supplemental information as specified in the job announcement

Step 3 - Submit your application packet

  • Mail all materials to:  Treasure Valley Community College, Attn: Human Resources, 650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914
  • Dropping off your application packet in person is not encouraged; however, if you desire to do so, please deliver to the Human Resources department during normal business hours.


For SRCI position inquiries, contact:

Kari Watts at (541) 881-4775

  • Or fax your SRCI position inquiry to (541) 881-4774  
    (Faxes and e-mail should be confirmed with a phone call to ensure receipt.)
  • or for Hearing/Speech Impaired to (541) 881-2737
  • or e-mail SRCI at:
  • All applicants for SRCI positions must fill out a LEDS Form as part of their application packet.