Information about Student Government

The Associated Student Government is a diverse group of successful leaders who serve as a liaison between the administration and the student body in order to maximize student opportunities and experiences. 

Baylie Whiting


TVCC student body President is Baylie Whiting. She is a sophomore from Idaho Falls, Idaho and besides being on student leadership, she is a part of the TVCC volleyball team! Baylie’s favorite color is green, her least favorite chore is doing the dishes, and she says she often gets mistaken for Taylor Swift.

Tessa McFetridge

Vice President

Tessa McFetridge is the 2018-2019 Vice President. She graduated from Vale High School and is pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Her hobbies include playing TVCC volleyball, riding horses, and watching Netflix or Hulu shows. Tessa’s favorite candies are Warheads or anything sour!

Melody Wilson


Melody Wilson is the ASG Secretary. She plans to major in chemistry or elementary education. Her favorite candy is dark chocolate Hershey’s, and she enjoys crocheting, music, soccer, and poetry. The thing that got Melody in the most trouble growing up was reading past her bedtime!

Allison Gibson

Administrative Senator

Allie Gibson is this year’s Administrative Senator. Her birthday is on August 31st, and she is a part of the women’s cross country and track teams here at Treasure Valley. She plays the ukulele, loves pomegranates, the color lilac, and Alicia Silverstone! A quote that Allie lives by is “Keep on keepin’ on!”

Kate Jackman

Legislative Senator

Kate Jackman is the Legislative Senator. She is from Pocatello, ID and is a part of the women’s basketball team at TVCC. Her favorites include Sour Patch Watermelons, the color yellow, Oreos, camping, and being with family. Two words Kate uses to describe herself are enthusiastic and kind.

Noe Gonzalez

Academic Senator

Academic Senator is Noe Gonzalez. He graduated from Parma High School and is a sophomore at TVCC. His favorite super hero is the first Spider Man and he is majoring in Criminal Justice. Noe is Kendrick Lamar’s and the Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest fan, and this year he wants to be successful in anything he does!


Clubs Coordinator

Benjen Lilly is our Clubs Coordinator! His hometown is Castleford, Idaho and on top of student leadership, he is a part of the men’s cross country and track teams at TVCC. The thing Benjen misses the most about being a kid is “being cute without having to try.” His hobbies include a lot of running, skating, and saving the environment!