WAYS TO GIVE (See Giving Brochure)

There are many charitable giving opportunities that may benefit you and your family.  There are multiple ways to set up planned giving, whether you have a little or a lot of money to invest.  There are even ways to contribute that won't cost you anything.  Many types of planned gifts may even meet your estate planning needs. 

Donate Online: Use our secure online system to donate using your credit card. Please use the "write a note" option to specify where you'd like your donation directed. 

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Annual Gifts.  Whether $10 or $10,000, an annual cash gift provides a base of funding which the Foundation translates into direct support for students and programs at TVCC.  Your gift will be used where the need is greatest unless you specify otherwise.

Major Gifts to Support Capital Projects.  Opportunities exist to provide support in several critical areas, such as much needed lab space for science classes and technology based classroom facilities, renovations for the library, and needed space for growing vocational and workforce instructional training.  Major gifts for capital projects can be transmitted in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Real property
  • Or through the development of a charitable trust or other gift planning instrument

An entire building, a room, or a piece of equipment can be provided to the college in your name or to memorialize or honor a loved one.  Gifts to capital projects can leave a lasting legacy for you and your family.

Major Gifts to Endowments.  Establishing an endowment to provide scholarships, professorships, or other support to the college in perpetuity is also a wonderful way to leave a legacy.  Endowment funds are invested and only a portion of the interest is used on an annual basis.  The fund is perpetual and will continue to grow and provide support in your name for the life of the college and beyond.  Endowed gifts can be established in a variety of ways.

Planned Gifts.  Working with an attorney, accountant, or financial planner, you may discover that including the TVCC Foundation in your estate may actually provide you with an income stream for your lifetime, reduce your current taxes, reduce state and inheritance taxes, and still provide resources for your heirs.  We can give you ideas about how this might work and where a planned gift could be put to best use for the college.

The TVCC Foundation will use your gifts in the most appropriate manner.  While you may designate a specific use for your gift, an unrestricted gift or bequest affords the TVCC Foundation the flexibility to respond to the greatest needs.

To find out more about ways to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, contact the Foundation Office at (541) 881-5585 or by email at cyasuda@tvcc.cc


Gifts to the TVCC Foundation Change Lives.  Students at Treasure Valley Community College have big hopes and dreams, but often times financial bumps in the road can throw them off course or keep them from moving altogether.  Higher tuition rates at community colleges are creating a challenge for many and a crisis for some.

The TVCC Foundation hopes to remove the financial barriers for students by creating scholarships for qualified and deserving students.  One of the Foundation's goals is to provide scholarships for as many students as possible, and to fund those scholarships in such a way that they will continue over time.  This can be done by creating "endowed" scholarships - funds that are invested with only the interest earnings used to pay the scholarship.  The principal remains intact.  Endowments live forever providing support for generations of students.

Contributors of significant gifts of $10,000 or more may "name" their scholarship fund for themselves or a loved one.  Gifts of less than $10,000 will be combined with others to create a general scholarship endowment for the college.  The impact is the same - students are served and the community is enriched.

At today's tuition rates and using the current guidelines in the Foundation's Investment Policy, $68,400 is required to fund a full-tuition scholarship for an in-state student.  This is based on tuition and fees totaling $3,420 for three academic quarters and the Foundation's spending rate of 5% to fund the scholarship. 


Tributes and memorials are considered ideal gifts because they are a loving honor to an individual as well as a contribution that will change lives.  Tributes and memorial gifts to the TVCC Foundation are especially enduring because the funds help people in our community during difficult stages in their lives.  The TVCC Foundation accepts many donations that are made to honor an event or an individual.  A gift may honor a wedding anniversary, birthday, religious celebration, or other occasion.  This is a loving tribute to the individual honored by the gift.  A memorial gift is an enduring remembrance of love for the family of the deceased. 

The Foundations sends thank you letters to the donor, and informs the honoree or family member of the gift.  The amount contributed is confidential.  You may make a tribute or memorial contribution online or mail a check to the Foundation Office.


Many of the Administration, Faculty, Staff, and most all of the Foundation Board make a contribution to the Internal Campaign.  Some give cash donations, while many donate through payroll deduction.  Donors may designate their contribution to one of the following areas:

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Student Enrichment Fund
  • Programs (mainly dedicated to a specific department)
  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Endowed Scholarships

Support from Administration, Faculty, Staff and Board can really make a difference in the lives of the students we serve, and can help the Foundation convince other donors of the value of make a contribution.  For additional information on how to donate through payroll deduction, please contact the Foundation office at (541) 881-5585.

Changing Lives and Endowing Dreams
The Treasure Valley Community College Foundation exists to improve the quality of life for TVCC students