Getting Started

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First things first

Get admitted by completing a TVCC Application 
Make sure you have completed your federal financial aid application. Get the FAFSA application here 
Visit the Next Steps section of the TVCC Admissions website to make sure you haven't missed anything.

TVCC Application           FAFSA Application          Next Steps

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Make contact

Contact Julie Lynch for an appointment for Aviation Program Introduction, at (541) 881-5975 or at
For helicopter pilots, please also schedule a new student orientation with Alisha Sweeney, Director of Student Services at Silverhawk Aviation Academy,  or (208) 453-8577. We enjoy meeting with prospective students and we recommend a tour of our flight facilities and scheduling a Discovery Ride.
Note: Seats may be limited, we must follow both State and Federal requirements.

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Get cleared

Obtain the required medical certificate needed.
View FAA Medical Requirements
Current medical certification costs typically range between $60 and $300, depending on Classification required.

FAA Medical Requirements

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Verify citizenship

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires us to verify a students' citizenship status. You will need to provide a passport and/or birth certificate. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

                                                               Email TVCC Aviation

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Make a plan

Aviation education costs may exceed federal financial aid funding, due to the flight labs and fuel costs. Additional educational loans are available and there are also a number of industry scholarships and grants listed on the web. Remember, this is an investment in your future career. Make a plan to finance your flight education.

Learn More              Read the Top 6 Ways to Finance Flight Training

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Check out the details

Weight Limits: For helicopter pilots:  If a student is over 240 lbs. (this is total flight weight), but is less than 300 lbs., the student must plan to doing all primary training in the R-44, at additional cost above Private Pilot standard cost).
Note: If you are using Veteran Education Benefits, the additional cost is not covered by the VA. You must be willing to be weighed at any time, per FAA requirement.

Check Rides: There is a check ride fee for each rating. These fees are included in the flight labs.

International Students: There are some additional requirements for international students to attend flight school.

International Students Information