Aviation Safety Management Systems

TVCC is offering a Career Pathway Certificate in Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS). Students employed by Federal Government agencies, may meet the standards for Certification as a Federal Aviation Safety Officer by completing the TVCC Career Pathway certificate. The federal government does not currently issue aviation safety certificates for students not employed by the government. Once he/she has completed the courses they can apply to be issued (through their employing agency by the General Services Administration in Washington D.C.) a certificate as a Federal Aviation Safety Officer. (Example: This is currently being done by the U.S. Forest Service through the Chief of Fire and Aviation Training).

To provide documentation for all students completing this program, TVCC will issue a Career Pathways Certificate of Completion (CPCC) for Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS) after successful completion of the described courses below. Other institutions who offer similar certificate programs for aviation safety include the University of Southern California (USC) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. We offer a Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) accredited curriculum that, we believe, is as robust and as professionally regarded as those of the higher learning institutions.

Whether you are a new student or an aviation professional who is interested in expanding their career potential by taking the A.S.M.S. classes, this page was designed for you.

In order to get registered for this certificate you must first be admitted to TVCC. Complete the TVCC Admissions Application and follow the admission steps here

After you have completed the TVCC Admissions Application, send an email to aviation@tvcc.cc from the same email address you used on your TVCC application, stating that you are an ASMS student and that you would like to be registered in AV 120   (AV 120 is a pre-requisite for all other AV courses and must be taken first). We will help you register and are happy to anwer any questions about the course.