Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC), in accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, makes the following information available to current and prospective students, current and prospective employees, and other parties, as applicable. To meet the requirements, information regarding TVCC is provided below, including links to applicable websites which include contact information. If there are any questions regarding this information or to request a paper copy, please contact the Public Information Office at (541) 881-5582.

Academic Programs - A comprehensive list of TVCC's degrees, certificates and emphasis areas.
Faculty and Staff Directory - A comprehensive list of TVCC employees or view the list of Faculty and Staff in the Academic Catalog.

Cost of Attendance - TVCC estimated cost of attendance

Equity in Athletics Survey (EADA) information can also be viewed on the US Department of Education EADA website.
EADA Report - The 2020-21 report on athletic program participation rates and financial support data.
Graduation Rates for Student Athletes
TVCC Athletic Handbook

In addition to locating required textbooks in the bookstore, students can view textbook information on the web-based course schedule at Students must click on "course search" (under quick links), select the specific course, and then click on the plus sign to display the Book Title, ISBN and the cost of new and used books.

Annual Campus Security Report: ASFR Ontario Campus (PDF) & ASR Caldwell, Idaho (PDF) - Includes timely warning, missing student policy and emergency response plan.
Incident / Behavioral Report Form - This form is used to report an incident or behavior.
Public Safety and Security - In an emergency, dial 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone. In other situation, dial (541) 212-9598 to reach Ontario campus security or (541) 2129576 for Caldwell center security.
Title IX and Gender-Based & Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options - Ontario Campus.
Gender-Based & Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options - Caldwell Center.
TVCC Alert - Information on how to sign up for the TVCC Alert System.

TVCC's Accessibility and Accommodations Services - Provides students in need with academic support.
Accessibility and Accommodations Notice - To request access to and transport around the Ag Arena.
Non-discrimination Policy: It is the policy of TVCC that there will be no discrimination or harassment.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program - Provides students with information regarding TVCC's alcohol abuse prevention program and resources available for students. In addition, it contains a link to the most recent copy of the DAAPP Biennial Report.

Facilities - Ontario Campus Map and Caldwell Center Information.
Accessibility and Accommodations Notice - Information on how to request access to and transport around the Ag Arena.

Entrance Counseling - First time borrowers of Direct Subsidized Loans or Direct Unsubsidized Loans must complete an online entrance counseling session.
Exit Counseling - Provides important information in preparation to repay Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans.
Loans - Information on types of educational loans available.
Net Price Calculator - To receive an estimate of how much students similar to you paid to attend TVCC.
Oregon College Loan Code of Conduct
Scholarship - A form of aid that helps students pay for their education.
Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Recipients of Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits - Students applying for or receiving financial aid assistance at TVCC must meet standards of academic progress. This policy outlines those standards.

Accreditation and how to file a student complaint with NWCCU.
State Licensing and how to file a student complaint with the State of Idaho and the State of Oregon.

Dual Credit Programs - TVCC provides numerous opportunities for high school students to earn college credits while still in high school. The information provided will help students learn how to get a jump start on their college career.
Education Records Management Policy
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act for Students (FERPA)
Transfer Guides - As students prepare to transfer to four-year institutions, students are invited to use the Transfer Guide as a tool to aid in a successful transfer experience.
Veteran Services - Students may be eligible to receive educational benefits if they are registered for courses that apply to the student's approved program. Each program must be approved by the State of Oregon's Department of Education/Veterans' Services.

Copyright Statement - TVCC honors the right of creators to control the copying, distribution and performance of their original work.
Illegal File Sharing and Downloading - TVCC is committed to addressing student violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright act.
Electronic Information Resources (EIR) and Acceptable Use - EIRs at the College are to be used in a manner that supports the educational mission of the College.
Immunization Requirements for Community College Students - In accordance with Oregon Public Health Division, ORS 433.283 and OAR 33-050-0140.
Tuition Refund - Policy guiding the refunds of tuition.

Students Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities - In addition to policies on student rights, freedoms and responsibilities, this document includes the Student Conduct and Disciplinary Standards.
Student Complaint Procedure - The purpose of the Student Complaint Procedure is to provide an expedient and orderly method for resolving student complaints that may arise against a faculty member.
Student Discipline Flow Chart - Flow for Student Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities Disciplinary Process.
Incident / Behavioral Report Form - This form is used to report an incident or behavior.

Voter Registration Information - Information on how to register to vote.
Constitution Day - TVCC will observe Constitution Day on the first day of fall term classes