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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) has announced that the licensure testing format will be transitioning to NextGen NCLEX, beginning Spring 2023. In anticipation of this change, TVCC Nursing has made some program updates. The curriculum will move from the Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education's (OCNE) competency-based curriculum to NCSBN's Clinical Judgement Measurement Model, resulting in a dissolution between TVCC and OCNE. The class of 2023 will be sun-setting the OCNE curriculum at TVCC and the class of 2024 will be the first graduating class of the "new" program. The nursing program is a 60-credit program which is completed sequentially over six (6) quarters. It follows the TVCC schedule which includes a summer, winter, and spring break. 

TVCC is now offering a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) optional certificate (anticipated start date, Spring 2023) and will be introducing a LPN-RN Bridge option in the near future. Students who successfully complete the first year of the RN program will be eligible to test for their LPN license then continue on to obtain thier RN license. Upon successful completion of the national exam, students have the option to begin work as an LPN prior to graduation. (Initial licensure must be through the state of Oregon.)

Additionally, individuals who are practicing LPN's will have the option to apply for a LPN-RN Bridge program (anticipated start date, Fall 2025) and complete the second year course work to become a Registered Nurse. Admission to this program requires an active LPN license and the same prerequisites for the RN program. 

TVCC Nursing Program Student Handbook provides an overview of the program, policies, procedures, and resources. This document will be referred to throughout the program.

 Nursing Student Handbook

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TVCC Nursing Education

Mission, Philosophy, Education, Technical Standards

Nursing Mission

The nursing department is an integral part of Treasure Valley Community College, with a mission consistent of the college mission, "TVCC is a comprehensive community college dedicated to promoting student success."  The nursing department is dedicated to providing a high-quality, nursing education in an economical manner to a diverse student population throughout our service area. Our nursing faculty are committed to fostering an environment that promotes integrity, professionalism, respect, positive communication, and collaboration among all faculty, students and the community we serve.  We are committed to excellence in nursing standards by preparing each student as a life-long learner with the knowledge and desire to serve individuals, families, groups, and communities with diverse health needs.

Nursing Philosophy

The Nursing Department's philosophy expands upon the Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC) philosophy described in the College Catalog, to include the more specific principles relating to nursing education. This philosophy consists of the two fundamental assumptions which are the foundation of nursing philosophy: (a) respect for all individuals, and (b) the consideration for individual dignity, that guides all nursing care.

Nursing Education

Education and knowledge, both formal and informal, are acquired throughout a lifespan. The role of TVCC nursing faculty is: facilitator, motivator, resource person, and organizer/manager in the learning experience.  We at TVCC, believe that nursing education should be available to qualified adult learners.

Nursing education is a process, moving from simple to complex, which applies scientific principles and concepts to nursing.  Therefore, building on prior learning and following the learning theories of behaviorism to constructivism. Each learner assumes an active and responsible role in their personal learning.  Each learner is responsible to develop capabilities of self-direction and professionalism, creating their own individual goals and outcomes.

Oregon Council of Associate Degree Program Technical Standards

The Treasure Valley Community College Nursing Program has the responsibility to society to educate competent health care providers to care for their patients with clinical judgment, broadly-based knowledge and competent technical skills at the entry level.

In compliance with state licensing standards and best practices, the program has academic as well as technical standards (non-academic criteria) students must meet in order to successfully progress in and graduate from the program. 

The Technical Standards document is provided in order to assure that the students who enter the program know and understand the requirements, and can make informed decisions regarding the pursuit of this profession.

Technical Standards for Nursing

Legal Limitations for RN Licensure: 

Applicants should be aware that the following questions are asked on the registered nurse licensure exam application by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Do you have a physical, mental or emotional condition which in any way impairs your ability to practice nursing with reasonable skill and safety?
Have you ever been arrested, charged with, entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, convicted of or been sentenced for any criminal offense, including driving under the influence, in any state?
Individuals who may have a past chemical abuse, felonies, or believe that past circumstances may interfere with their ability to sit for the licensure examination should contact: Nursing Director at 541-881-5944 for recommendations prior to applying to the TVCC Nursing Program.

TVCC Nursing Program Accreditation
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN)
3343 Peachtree Rd Suite 850
Atlanta GA 30326

Oregon State Board of Nursing
17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd
Portland OR 97224

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