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TVCC's Equine Science and Horse Production program is designed to give you real-world experience working with these incredible animals. In our program, you'll work directly with horses, and most of your education takes place in barns, on the ranch, or in the arena. Our approach not only help you be more successful obtaining employment and a career working in the equine industry, but we've found it also appeals to students who prefer getting out of the traditional classroom setting. Combine the skills and love you have for horses with a program that will help you gain even more knowledge and expertise.

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Degrees and Certificates

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Equine Business
AAS - Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Science degree in Equine Business prepares student for a wide variety of careers in Equine Business Management including Equine Business Owner/Manager, Equine Facility Manager, Equine Riding Instructor and Equine Breeding operations. The program combines theory with practical skills required for daily equine management operations and other equine supply and service businesses.

Horse Production
AAS - Associate of Applied Science

This program prepares students for a variety of careers in horse production including horse trainer, horse breeder, farrier, and small ranch operator. The program combines theory with practical skills needed for daily horse ranch operations. Students will learn the foundations of equine production practices as well as have hands-on experience working with ranch livestock. This degree is designed for students wishing to directly enter the workforce. It is not designed for transfer to a four-year institution, although some coursework may be transferable. Students who wish to transfer coursework are strongly encouraged to work closely with their TVCC advisor to develop a transfer plan and to identify and contact an advisor at their chosen transfer institution. A minimum of 90 credits and a minimum grade point average of 2.0 are needed to graduate with a degree.

Performance Horse Marketing & Sales Specialist
CERT - Career Pathways Certificate

This Career Pathway Certificate of Completion is completed during the second year and will provide students with the foundation skills required to develop a performance horse for trail, ranch, reining, or rodeo and as an entry level manager or trainee in a horse production business.

Ranch Animal Technician
CERT - Career Pathways Certificate

This Pathways Certificate will prepare the student for entry level positions in agriculture. The successful student will possess applied skills in ranch animal production and management including nutrition and reproduction.


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