TVCC hosts new hospital CEO

The new of CEO Saint Alphonsus Health Systems, Odette Bolano, visited TVCC last Friday. Bolano toured the nursing department and the labs. TVCC Nursing Instructor Tamie Verbance showed Bolano the simulation lab and talked about TVCC’s programs.

TVCC President Dana Young, CTE Dean David Koehler and Associate Vice President Abby Lee joined the tour which also included Ken Hart, CEO of Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Ontario. President Young discussed TVCC’s upcoming capital construction request to the Oregon legislature which includes an ask for more than $3 million in matching funds to construct a new Allied Health and Nursing Building.

Dr. Young also shared information about the new medical assistant program TVCC developed in response to industry need, as well as plans for expanding that program next year. Bolano shared her vision for improving training for nurses to deal with patients who increasingly present with serious mental health issues as well as other partnership opportunities between TVCC and the hospital.

TVCC enjoys long-standing support from Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Ontario, which funds several scholarships for nursing students and is a generous donor to other college programs.

“We appreciate the incredible partnership we have with Saint Alphonsus and look forward to more opportunities to collaborate on new programs for students and our community,” President Young said.