TVCC president's contract extended

May 6, 2021

President Dana Young’s current contract has been renewed and extended through June 2026 by the Treasure Valley Community College Board of Education. Action to approve the contract was taken today at the May 6th Special Board of Education Meeting. 

“Extending Dr. Young’s contract indicates our continued commitment and confidence in her ability to ensure critical decisions can be made – and will be supported – in the best interest of the College,” TVCC Board Chair Cheryl Cruson said. 

Board members cited Dr. Young’s ability and willingness to keep TVCC open this past year for in-person instruction during the recent pandemic as an example of her exceptional leadership. TVCC was the only community college in Oregon to remain open for in-person instruction all year.

TVCC Board Vice Chair Stephen Crow moved to increase President Young’s total compensation by $30,000, and Board Member Darlene McConnell seconded the motion. Cruson and Board Member Betty Carter supported Crow’s motion; board members Roger Findley and Mark Wettstein voted no. Board member John Hall had an excused absence for the meeting. 

In addition to recognizing her efforts and leadership this past year, Crow stated the increase will bring her salary in alignment with the compensation of presidents at like size community colleges in Oregon, which would better position TVCC to recruit a new president in the future. Crow also moved to add a fifth year to her contract and to clarify existing language in her contract regarding her retirement.

Dr. Young’s current salary is $152,763, which is the lowest base salary among community college presidents in Oregon. She receives additional compensation including $8,400 in an annuity, $4,800 in an annual car allowance, $1,200 in phone allowance, and $9,166 in PERS contributions. Her contract includes 25 vacation days and $2,500 to use at her discretion to support community events and activities on behalf of TVCC. The Board directed TVCC Board Chair Cheryl Cruson to work with President Young to finalize the contract to distribute the $30,000 increase among auto allowance, deferred compensation, salary, retirement and other discretionary compensation options. 

Dr. Young said she is appreciative of the Board’s support and is looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead for the College. 

“We have weathered unprecedented change this past year in response to Covid-19 and I’m incredibly proud of the way our staff, faculty and students faced these challenges,” Dr. Young said. “I’m excited about continuing to help lead TVCC through these next challenges as we continue building programs and keep student success our priority.” 

“This is a vote of confidence in her leadership, and that of the entire leadership team and all of the faculty and staff at the college,” TVCC Board Chair Cheryl Cruson said. “This is to say ‘Thank you,’ and we want more of the same.”

Dr. Young also thanked the board members for their support.

“It's my absolute privilege to be able to serve as president of Treasure Valley Community College, and I get to do it with great people day in and day out in a wonderful community. We continue to be focused on the important projects and opportunities in front of us to support our students and to support our community.”