EMT Basic Class completes exam

On Saturday, June 1, six students in the 2018-19 EMT Basic Class completed and passed their Psychomotor exam. Pictured from left to right, Justin Jungling, Naomi Bingham, Dashanna Cureton, Sarah Williams, Cheyenne Davis, EMT Instructor Keith Ishida, and Kodie Hammons successfully completed the course and the exam.

This 164-hour course is taught by instructor Keith Ishida and is offered through the Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning (CBWCL).  The EMT Basic course prepares individuals to deal with the wide variety of pre-hospital emergencies and limited to non-invasive procedures. The course runs over two terms (Fall and Winter) for a total of 10 credits. There is an additional 20 hours in Spring term for skills practice and test prep. It requires both classroom study and practical experience.  

To learn more about this course or other classes, workshops or certifications and licensures offered by CBWCL please visit https://www.tvcc.cc/cbwcl/.