Caldwell Mayor highlights TVCC, city partnership

During the September Board of Education Meeting, Mayor Garret Nancolas provided an overview of Caldwell's new downtown efforts and touted the partnership with TVCC as being key to community's future plans.

As part of the continuing partnership between TVCC and the City of Caldwell, Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas presented an update during TVCC Board of Education’s September meeting.

Mayor Nancolas cited the College’s flexibility and connection within the community as tremendous assets for the City.

“Whenever we’ve approached you about a program or a need, you’ve always responded with a “yes” and that has made all the difference,” he added. Mayor Nancolas also shared how important having TVCC in the community is for the City’s ability to recruit new employers. “Every time we meet with a new business we are trying to attract to Caldwell, we talked about TVCC and the opportunities we have for employee training.”

He cited TVCC’s success in providing on-site classes and training at Simplot’s state-of-the-art facility in Caldwell as an incredibly impressive example for prospective businesses.

TVCC President Dana Young and board members thank Mayor Nancolas for his visionary leadership and friendship.

“You’ve transformed Caldwell and we are so proud to be there and to be a part of your vision for improving the lives and opportunities for families in Caldwell,” President Young said.

TVCC and the City of Caldwell finalized a new 10-year lease on the Caldwell Center earlier this summer.

“I’m just so excited to see that we have a long-term agreement in place to help make sure TVCC remains a critical partner in our economic development efforts,” he added. He also discussed the new Indian Creek Plaza complete with a performance stage and an ice skating rink, as well as several new businesses and a new movie theater that were all constructed this past year. “We’re building a vibrant downtown area and TVCC is a central piece in this effort,” he added.