TVCC Earns Reaccreditation

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) has reaccredited Treasure Valley Community College on the basis of the Fall 2018 Year Seven Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability Evaluation.

NWCCU announced the reaccreditation on Jan. 22, 2019. The final letter can be found here.

Leading up to the announcement, TVCC submitted a Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report, hosted a November evaluator site visit, and College officials appeared before the Commission at their headquarters in Bellevue, Wash., earlier this month.

Of all the accreditations that the College must secure, the one granted by the NWCCU is the most important. It provides outside validation of the quality of the degrees at TVCC and insures programs transfer to other colleges and universities. This decision also secures TVCC’s continuing ability to ensure its credits are transferrable and the College can continue to offer financial aid resources to students.

“But more than that, it provides external validation of the good work we are doing at TVCC,” Dr. Young added. “We have worked hard to tell our story and provide examples of how TVCC fulfills our mission in our community and we are so proud of the results.”

TVCC received recognition for its successes as well as recommendations for improvements.

“We are excited to receive commendations on the excellent work at TVCC, as well as recommendations for areas where TVCC can improve – this is a self-improvement process after all,” said Dr. Dana Young, TVCC President. “While we are celebrating this achievement, we also know our work isn’t done,” Young added.

The lengthy self-review process required to get ready for an accreditation visit meant TVCC was prepared for many of the recommendations. In fact, the College started on the next steps in December, and were able to report during the January meeting with the Commission it has already begun addressing the recommendations from the review process.

TVCC will have another report due in Spring 2020 to update the Commission on its progress as well as a regularly scheduled three-year visit the following year.

“I appreciate the countless hours of work that so many of our faculty, staff, students, administrators and board members contributed to this effort,” Dr. Young said.

“Sometimes we get so busy with the day-to-day demands that we forget to stop, look around and take stock of all the progress we have made. The reaccreditation process gives us that much-needed perspective,” she said.

Seven-year accreditation cycle
The NWCCU is one of seven regional organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit postsecondary institutions.

NWCCU’s accreditation cycle is a seven-year process whereby colleges and universities demonstrate how they meet five standards and twenty-four eligibility requirements. In year one, colleges identify their mission and core themes in a strategic master plan and define how they will fulfill their mission.

By year three, colleges describe their resources and capacity and must begin to show evidence of mission fulfillment. And in year seven, colleges conduct a comprehensive self-evaluation on all of NWCCU’s standards and eligibility requirements, including sustainability, and prepare a Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report for the Commission. A site visit is then conducted by one of the Commission’s evaluation teams before their final letter of decision is granted.