In accordance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order, TVCC is prohibited from conducting in-person classroom, laboratory, and other in-person instruction from March 21, through April 28, 2020. However, the college is open with limited on-campus operations and services. For the latest information on college operations during the COVID19 situation,


COVID-19 Update

March 25, 2020

Hope you are doing well. Here's today's update:

Faculty: If you have not already done so, please reach out to your students via Canvas. The students may be nervous about the virtual classrooms and in need of some reassurance. Many faculty members have been working over spring break to prepare their classes and your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your dedication and thank you for keeping our students engaged through this unchartered territory. 

As you get ready for teaching next week, we are doing some extra deep cleaning of classrooms to ensure they are sanitized and ready to go. Next week, each classroom will be cleaned after every use. We will also have extra cleaning available throughout the day in the Student Services area while the area remains open to the public. Some faculty have asked about document cameras for their classes. Please utilize Canvas or Zoom for this option. If you need assistance, contact Eddie Alves or David Koehler.

Students: Another reminder to check your Canvas shells daily! Instructors will be going “live” on Canvas through the week and adding new information.

Zoom in with Martha: We will also be hosting a live Zoom meeting from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday and Friday of this week (March 26 and March 27).
“Zoom in with Martha” will be a chance for you to try out your technology before classes start on Monday. Martha is the TVCC switchboard operator and “knower of all things at TVCC!” She’s a great resource and she will be “live” both days to say hi when you check into the meeting. We will email directions to the Zoom meeting and all you need to do is click on the link and join in at least once this Thursday or Friday. If the meeting doesn't work for you, then let’s get you linked up with the IT Help Desk folks to get things squared away by Monday. The Help Desk can always be reached by filling out a Help Desk ticket here

All: Our community has now been personally affected by COVID-19. A woman who lives in Payette County, but works in Malheur County, tested positive. Do not panic but remember the safest way to avoid exposure to #stayhomestayhealthy. If you do not have to be on campus, then you are asked to work from home. If you can get your questions about classes, books, employment or any TVCC related issues answered by phone, email or zoom, we ask that you do so. For more information, please read the press release from Malheur County Public Health here

# StayHomeStayHealthy: Avoid crowds as much you can. Try to avoid the desire to run out and buy toilet paper, dried beans and flour (unless you really need them of course!) If we all comply with rules, this virus will stop spreading and we can return to our regular schedules and lives!

Travel: An employee asked whether letters for safe travel through Oregon were needed. They are not! The Executive Order that was signed yesterday allows travel for work and a variety of other reasons. Yesterday, after reviewing the order, the Administrative Team felt a letter was not needed. Both Malheur County and City of Ontario were contacted for input as well. Neither the Sheriff’s Office nor the Ontario Police are stopping motorists to inquire into the purpose of travel.

Shelter in Place: Both Oregon and Idaho have issued Shelter in Place orders, limiting non-essential business access. This does not prohibit travel but citizens are strongly encouraged to stay home. Read Oregon's Executive Order here and Idaho's Executive Order will be posted here when we get it.

Supervisors: As we move forward, please remember the goal is to get people OFF campus. If the employee can work off campus, then that is where they should be working. If they cannot, you must determine if the on-campus work is a critical function. A critical function is:

  • Functions that ensure the continuity and security of institutional operations.
  • Functions that ensure the continuity of building functions and security.
  • Workers and Educators supporting the facilitating of distance learning. 

Campus Buildings: We are OPEN but are limiting public access to campus buildings. Closed building will be posted as closed. Please do not enter these buildings (even if you have keys) without permission since we are trying to limit access to enable us to prioritize cleaning during this time.

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Employees: How is working at home and/or working on campus with social distancing? If you have concerns that someone is not abiding by rules of social distancing, please let your supervisor and/or Human Resources know. We know you do not want to be a tattle tale (did anyone else just flash back to Cindy Brady?), but we must adhere to the social distancing rules if we are going to stop the spread of this virus!