In accordance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order, TVCC is now allowed to begin planning for reopening to in-person instruction for Fall 2020. The college is open but still has limited on-campus operations and services during Summer 2020. Register early to reserve a seat for in-person classes this fall. Take a look at the latest information on college operations during the COVID19 situation:

 summer protocols


June 25, 2020 


The start of summer term this weeks marks another quarter where most of TVCC's classes are still online or virtual. Our employees and students continue to be incredibly resilient as we all navigate the challenges of social distancing and new requirements.   

BIO 231 and BIO 232 are offered in-person in the Science Center.  Students are required to wear a face covering when entering or leaving the classroom, with assigned seating to ensure spacing. Other criteria and procedures have been approved to ensure cleaning in the labs and the classroom. 

Offering these classes "live" has also helped us try out some of the practices and protocols that can ensure public health safety as we begin drafting our resumption plan for fall re-opening.

TVCC must implement a plan for approval by both the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Board of Education by Sept. 1, 2020. The resumption planning committee has already begun to develop the plan for this summer and fall, but TVCC must also ensure our compliance with the recommendations of the Oregon Health Authority and the Malheur County Health Department as we slowly bring back students and employees to our campus. 

In order to document and ensure compliance to these recommendations, we will be implementing these protocols: 

FACE COVERINGS REQUIRED: All students and staff must wear face coverings while on campus. Employees may remove the covering once you reach your work station or desk AND you are at least six feet away from others. Once a student is seated in the classroom, they may remove the face covering as long as they remain six feet apart from others. Students will be required to wear face coverings during lab. During the first week of classes, disposable face coverings will be provided for students.       
Guests to the campus will also be required to wear face coverings. Signs will be posted.

WATER FOUNTAINS: The bottle fillers are open but the water fountains are closed.

STUDY AREAS: Study areas will be available in Barber Hall and the library only; social distancing is still required.

STUDENT SERVICES: Student Services will be open during the summer. Students may only bring one additional person into the Student Services Center. When students make appointments they should be notified that they will need a face mask. Disposable face coverings will be available for students and guests if they do not bring one.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: IT will be open during the summer. A student or employee needing assistance may enter IT area but may not bring any guests.

RESIDENCE HALLS: There shall be no guests permitted in the residence halls. Previously residents were restricted from returning back to residence halls if they traveled home. That restriction has been lifted and residents will be allowed to remain in the halls after returning from home.

LOCKED BUILDINGS: Please do not enter any closed buildings. Security Staff will NOT let anyone into closed buildings. Only staff who are scheduled to work in a building will be let in by security. Do not have people call security for entrance into locked buildings.

RETURN TO WORK: Martha Brown and Bonnie McGehee (until she retires!) will return to in-person work full-time at Barber Hall. Advising and frontline employees will return to in-person work full-time in Student Services. Information Technology Services employees will return as well. The remaining employees shall continue to work from home when possible. When employees are on campus, they shall attempt to stagger their time and shall social distance.

CAMPUS TOURS: You may notice campus tours this summer. Tours are being limited to ten (10) people and will be outdoors only. Everyone participating is required to wear a face covering.

CLEANING: The physical plant will ensure cleaning supplies are available. Employees should be cleaning their personal areas and desks with a cloth and spray. Wipes should only be used when spray cannot be used so that we may reduce custodial supply costs. Receptacles will be placed in each building for the used cloths which will be laundered daily. 

COPY MACHINES: When using a copy machine, use hand sanitizer on your hands before and after use. Do not sanitize the machines. Copiers will not be cleaned by custodians due to concerns of damage.

VENDING MACHINES: The vending machines will not be open for use during the summer.

NO PUBLIC EVENTS: Only College- affiliated groups of twenty-five (25) or less may meet in campus buildings or facilities as long as social distancing is able to be strictly followed. Face coverings as set forth above will be required. No third party or non-TVCC groups shall be allowed to use campus facilities.

Please contact Anne-Marie Kelso if you have questions or concerns. 



Here's the latest from the Malheur County Health Department:

With 15 new cases last week, the rate of new COVID-19 cases in Malheur County has shot up. The above graph shows the rate of new cases over 12 weeks, since our first lab-confirmed positive case was reported the week of March 29th.

As record numbers of Oregonians, including those in Malheur, have tested positive for COVID-19 recently, many have wondered if that’s simply due to increased testing. Although testing has increased, the positive test rate, which shows the prevalence of the virus, has increased, both statewide and in Malheur County. By offering tests to more and more people at a lower threshold, meaning people with fewer or no symptoms are included in testing, the positive test rate should go down as the number of tests increases. Last week, more COVID-19 tests (149) were reported in Malheur County than any week prior and yet the positive test rate went up to 4.6%. The state rate has gone from 1.6% in mid-May to 4.1% for the week ending last Friday. The takeaway is that COVID-19 is spreading more rampantly.

More information: 
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Idaho advances to Phase 4 Reopening. 
View the Stage 4 Stay Healthy Guidelines here.
COVID Testing in the Treasure Valley

Free Local COVID Testing
Ontario COVID Testing Site, July 1, August 5
Nyssa COVID Testing Site, July 8, August 12
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Students can still tour TVCC virtually

As we adjust to changing times, TVCC is inviting students to attend a campus tour from the comfort of their home. Students who attend will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 scholarship. If students attend at least three of the six campus tour sessions, they will receive a waiver for one student success class credit. Sign up for this free event here Please help promote this opportunity!


As shared at the Spring Town Hall, the College will once again offer a 36-hour work week for all full-time 12 month employees during the summer.  The shortened work week will begin June 26, 2020 and end on September 4, 2020.  July 3, 2020 will be treated as a holiday since July 4 falls on Saturday.  If you need to be at work on a Friday during this time, work with your supervisor to arrange your schedule. 


On July 1, our Building Construction Trades programs employees will be able to return to work. Most employees who work and teach at Snake River Correctional Institution and Warner Creek Correction Facility returned to June 1. This next round of returns is the next step in reopening our programs for inmates in these facilities. 


OEBB and OHA each has many tools and resources to help you take on these uncertain and changing times. Even if you are waiving or opting-out of OEBB insurance plans, many of these resources don’t require you to be enrolled. They have emotional and physical health resources, apps and much more. You can find it all here COVID-19 Resources


We are OPEN but are limiting public access to campus buildings. Closed building will be posted as closed. Please do not enter these buildings (even if you have keys - and don't ask anyone else to open these buildings for you) without permission since we are trying to limit access to enable us to prioritize cleaning during this time.

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