In accordance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order, TVCC is prohibited from conducting in-person classroom, laboratory, and other in-person instruction from March 21, through April 28, 2020. However, the college is open with limited on-campus operations and services. For the latest information on college operations during the COVID19 situation,


COVID-19 Update 

April 6, 2020 

All: We reported last week one of our employees had a family member who had been hospitalized due to Covid-19. As you may have heard, this family member passed away on Saturday. Our hearts are broken. Due to privacy, we are not sharing the family’s information in this public webpage, but please check your email later this week for ideas on how the TVCC Community can help support this employee during this time. Please note the employee had not been on campus since March 20 and is not showing any symptoms of the virus. The employee and family have been quarantined. Our hearts continue to go out to this family and we ask you to keep them in your thoughts.

Students: After the first week of classes, how are things going? What are you worried about? We’ve heard from some instructors students have asked the following questions and wanted to take a second to address some of the concerns:

  • Will we have live classes later this quarter? We are still evaluating the Stay at Home Order. We expect the current Order to be extended through June so it is likley we will stay with the current course offering structure throughout this term. Please be patient as our primary concern in the health and safety of our students, employees and our community.
  • Will the Residence Halls stay open? We currently have about 35 students still living in the Residence Halls. We have allowed students to move in order to support social distancing, and we have also encouraged students who want to delay their return the flexibility to stay home. Some students are not able to return home due to compromised individuals in their home or other concerns. All meals are offered “to-go” and social distancing is being enforced. Students have been extremely cooperative and resilient (and patient) during these disruptions. We will make every effort to allow students to stay in the Residence Halls throughout the quarter. If there were to be a positive case of Covid-19 in our Residence Halls we will announce that and quarantine the individual (right now everyone appears healthy). No guests are allowed in the Residence Halls and students are encouraged to not travel outside of the Ontario area in order to comply with the Governor’s Stay at Home Order. If students are traveling home, we ask that they remain at home and delay their return so as not potentially expose other residents.

Other Questions? Please email your questions and concerns (or just things that worry you) here and we’ll try to get those questions answered in these updates. Chances are, if you are curious, others are too. You can always post questions on the TVCC Mobile App too to get faster responses (thanks to our awesome TVCC community for jumping in daily to answer questions!). If you don't have the TVCC App, download it for free in your App store or follow these directions here

Supervisors/Vice Presidents: Please reevaluate your work from home agreements with your employees and reevaluate the decision to have employees work on campus. As we know, the next two weeks will be a trying time in the United States.

To do our part to lessen the spread, look at the work at home agreements you have set up with your employees. Do they require the employees to come on campus during the week? If so, consider modifying the terms of the agreement to keep employees off campus. In addition, now is the time to get those employees currently reporting to work on campus in a position where they can work from home. If they cannot, consider using paid leave, including sick leave, to keep them off campus. Unsure? Reluctant? Consider the following:

  1. There are serious health risks of not doing so.
  2. Did you know that working from home is linked to lower absenteeism and higher engagement? In addition, with a work at home agreement, you can offer more employee autonomy and flexibility.
  3. Remember, you hired trustworthy and capable employees! They can do this!

All: A big thank you to our IT department and our instructional designer, Nicole Baird. The first week of classes went extremely well and our technology was first rate! Thank you to the IT staff who made sure transitioning to a virtual education was an easy transition. Thank you to our faculty for adapting quickly and continuing to serve TVCC students with a low cost, high quality education.

Federal Work Study Students: Financial Aid is still waiting on guidance from the Department of Education. As soon as our financial aid department has answers, we will pass them on!

All: We want your photos to feature in our Furry friends & Zoom TVCC newsletter section this week. Please send in photos of your of your furry friends helping you Zoom here so we can share some good news and get to know your at-home co-workers.

Feeling stressed? We have additional information posted on Tele-Health services. Look at what’s available here 

# StayHomeStayHealthy: Avoid crowds as much you can. Try to avoid the desire to run out and buy toilet paper, dried beans and flour (unless you really need them of course!) If we all comply with rules, this virus will stop spreading and we can return to our regular schedules and lives!

Campus Buildings: We are OPEN but are limiting public access to campus buildings. Closed building will be posted as closed. Please do not enter these buildings (even if you have keys - and don't ask anyone else to open these buildings for you) without permission since we are trying to limit access to enable us to prioritize cleaning during this time.

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