In accordance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order, TVCC is prohibited from conducting in-person classroom, laboratory, and other in-person instruction from March 21, through April 28, 2020. However, the college is open with limited on-campus operations and services. For the latest information on college operations during the COVID19 situation,


COVID-19 Update 

April 3, 2020 

Thank you to everyone who has made this first week of classes roll out as smoothly as possible.

In under two weeks, our remarkable employees have transitioned services and classes over to online, on the phone and Zoom conferencing to continue student classes and services.

You are all amazing!

Special thanks to our tireless custodial team who is keeping our campus clean and safe. And to our phenomenal Information Technology Services crew – you are truly the unsung heroes in this effort.

As everyone to continues to work to make this transition as positive an experience as possible, please continue sharing emails of thanks and encouragement – and a little extra patience – while we all continue to work through any remaining unresolved issues.

All: A TVCC employee has been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The employee has not been on campus since March 20 and had minimal contact with anyone due to social distancing. In addition, the employee is not showing any symptoms of the virus. The employee is keeping the College informed and, if necessary, staff and students will be advised of any changes.

This is a good reminder to adhere to all the recommendations of social distancing (staying six feet apart from others and having no more than 10 people in any one room) in order to keep yourself and others safe. However, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms. Therefore, the best practice is to minimize any contact by staying home, shopping responsibly, getting staff to work at home.

In addition, the CDC also advises that it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but there is much to learn about this virus. CDC recommends people practice frequent “hand hygiene,” which is either washing hands with soap or water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and to avoid touching your face.

Following the guidelines can save lives! Earlier this week, scientists reported that the death toll in the United States could rise significantly over the next two weeks. President Trump, in his daily briefing, said “I want every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead. We’re going through a very tough few weeks.” There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though, and abiding by social distancing and reducing or eliminating face to face contact will get us there sooner.

You can find information at the following sites:

Center for Disease (CDC) 
Oregon Health Authority (OHA) 
Malheur County Health (Oregon) 
Southwest District Health (Idaho) 

Residence Halls: We do have about 40 students still living in our Residence Hall and students have been moved to separate living areas where possible. Dining services has quickly switched to take out only and students are staying six feet apart as they await their food.

Zoom Bombers and Updates from IT: What’s a Zoom Bomber? As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, we need to make sure classes and meetings are protected from Zoom Bombers (folks who hack into your Zoom meetings without permission). Find out best practices (and easy steps you can take) to secure your Zoom class or meeting here

Cybersecurity is critical: It’s discouraging and scary how sophisticated many new scams are targeting people during this most vulnerable time. Be aware of these scammers and protect yourself. If you have minute, take a look at this short news clip here

Furry friends & Zoom: Please send in photos of your of your furry friends helping you Zoom here so we can share them in next week's newsletter.

Feeling stressed? We have additional information posted on Tele-Health services. Look at what’s available here 

# StayHomeStayHealthy: Avoid crowds as much you can. Try to avoid the desire to run out and buy toilet paper, dried beans and flour (unless you really need them of course!) If we all comply with rules, this virus will stop spreading and we can return to our regular schedules and lives!

Campus Buildings: We are OPEN but are limiting public access to campus buildings. Closed building will be posted as closed. Please do not enter these buildings (even if you have keys - and don't ask anyone else to open these buildings for you) without permission since we are trying to limit access to enable us to prioritize cleaning during this time.

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