In accordance with Governor Brown’s Executive Order, TVCC is prohibited from conducting in-person classroom, laboratory, and other in-person instruction from March 21, through April 28, 2020. However, the college is open with limited on-campus operations and services. For the latest information on college operations during the COVID19 situation,


COVID-19 Update 

April 14, 2020 

ODOC contract change means job losses for TVCC employees

We shared this information via email yesterday with employees, but have added some additional updates to the previous release.

The State of Oregon’s Department of Corrections (ODOC) notified Treasure Valley Community College its contract for education services at Snake River Correctional Institution and Warner Creek Correctional Institution would be suspended and may “resume following expiration or termination of the state of emergency.”

In response, TVCC had to notify its 19 employees who work and teach at SRCI/WCCF that their position would end immediately. The State required an immediate amendment to the contract with TVCC, requiring payments for these services to end on April 12, 2020. Employee’s employment will end on April 14, 2020.
TVCC received the official amendment notice on Friday, April 10, 2020. Employees were notified on Monday, April 13.

Faculty who teach at SRCI will receive 30 days of pay per their contract; all other employees will be paid their remaining available vacation pay. All employees at SRCI/WCCF will also have their insurance coverage paid for an additional month from finds available through the contract.

Education services at SRCI and WCCF are provided through a contract with ODOC and not funded through TVCC’s general fund or tuition payments.
In addition to the loss of funds to pay employees at SRCI/WCCF, TVCC is also losing additional funding from administrative costs it receives from the contract. For this year, the loss is about we estimate a significant monthly loss from TVCC's general fund in this current contract year which ends June 30. In addition, TVCC is responsible for the increased costs of unemployment claims for these employees. All of the dollars we receive from contracts help fund general services for students at TVCC and were anticipated already in this year’s budget.

We hope this is a temporary delay in services as the state deals with revenue changes due to the statewide response to Covid-19 closures, although no additional information as to when services will resume.

We are providing additional resources for these emplyees and are also in conversation with the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission to see if other temporary fuding may be available. TVCC employees should contact Human Resources for specific information.

If you know someone else who needs assistance with a job loss, the following are links to state resources:

State revenue projections impact on TVCC budgeting still uncertain

While no final numbers have been announced, preliminary projections at the state level indicate significant reductions in tax revenue as a result of business closures during the Covid-19 statewide Stay at Home Order. TVCC administrators are in daily conversations with State officials to determine what next steps will be for budget impacts.

We are awaiting a news release from the Governor’s office updating us on whether or not - and for how long - the current order will be extended. That information will help us determine whether or not we will need to make adjustments.

While enrollment is a key piece of our revenue and budget, the larger issue is how state funding will be impacted. We are hoping for the state general fund revenue forecast in the next week. Again, President Young and A-Team members have been on calls with state officials daily to navigate next steps and impacts.
It’s a scary and uneasy time and we know more information is always best, but we simply do not have any additional details to share yet.

Student Programs asks students for feedback

Through the month of April, Student Programs will be sending surveys to current students, and offering some great incentives (AirPods, Chromebooks, Visa Giftcards etc.). Surveys are sent out each Monday, and winners will be drawn the following Thursday. Topics include tuition and fees, the Caldwell center, and technology on campus. These will mirror the regularly scheduled “Food for Thoughts,” but are now delivered virtually. Check your student email for more information and links to the surveys. We are looking for more topics! If you would like to suggest a survey topic, please contact Kate Walker by email or call her at 541-881-5781.

Student tutoring is available

Are you struggling with classes? Do you know a student who is struggling? Connect to them to these resources for “live” support through Zoom. Simply email a request for help and students will be contacted to set up an appointment.
Writing Lab
Math Lab
Peer Mentors

Mark your calendar for an all-college town hall this Friday. If you have not received a Zoom inviation and you'd like to attend, please email Gina Roper here


OEBB and OHA each has many tools and resources to help you take on these uncertain and changing times. Even if you are waiving or opting-out of OEBB insurance plans, many of these resources don’t require you to be enrolled. They have emotional and physical health resources, apps and much more. You can find it all here COVID-19 Resources

Campus Buildings

We are OPEN but are limiting public access to campus buildings. Closed building will be posted as closed. Please do not enter these buildings (even if you have keys - and don't ask anyone else to open these buildings for you) without permission since we are trying to limit access to enable us to prioritize cleaning during this time.

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