Grant boosts Aviation Technology program

TVCC has received a Youth Development Council Grant from the Oregon Department of Education for nearly $100,000.  The Youth & Innovation Grant provides funds to continue the CTE Summer Camp Program and to scale up the college’s newest program in Aviation Technology. 

TVCC President Dana Young said the grant is targeted toward not only adding resources for the fixed wing aviation program, but also expanding the College’s partnership with local schools to provide additional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities.

The grant allowed TVCC to purchase a Schweizer 2-32 glider for student use in its new fixed wing program, and will also provide additional dollars for summer activities for local high school students.

"Helping students make the connection between STEM programs and high-demand careers is key to changing students’ ideas about what science and engineering mean," President Young said. "These dollars make it possible to provide hands-on, real-world experiences that open doors to careers in a way we’ve never done before."

Funding the summer camp and classes for local students is key to that plan.

"TVCC's Aerospace and Summer Camp Program is intentionally designed to recruit Malheur County's opportunity and priority youth in middle and high school and engage them in the exciting fields of aerospace and STEM technology," said Cathy Yasuda, Executive Director of the TVCC Foundation.  "Securing this grant for the next two years will allow us to continue the momentum of the summer camps right into fall quarter and beyond."

Ron Hanks, Director of TVCC's Aviation Technology Program said the funds also help to build our partnership with local high schools.  "The YDC grant helps youth in local high schools explore education at the college level.   By attending college classes for credit, students may determine if advanced education is in their desired career track. It also gives them the opportunity to try innovative courses that may not be otherwise available to them."

According to Hanks, TVCC is currently working with three high school students who are completing their FAA-approved ground school lessons. 

"We are looking forward to being able to report our first student solos and completion of their Private Pilot Certificates, as well as completion of a flying glider,” Hanks said.  "These student achievements are made possible through the award of the YDC grant."

For more information about TVCC's Aviation Technology program contact or check out this website.