TVCC Goes Tobacco-Free

Treasure Valley Community College is proud to join other colleges and universities as a tobacco-free place to learn. 

We are committed to a healthy, safe educational environment where students have every chance to succeed and no tobacco products will be allowed on TVCC premises.

A few Questions and Answers

Q: What exactly does the new tobacco policy do?

A:  The tobacco policy ensures that TVCC is tobacco-free. This includes inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted tobacco material - including cigarettes, cigars or pipes - on TVCC property. The use of other tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, smokeless or chewing tobacco, is also included in the tobacco free policy. The policy does not include FDA approved nicotine-replacement therapy products for the purpose of cessation. Possession of tobacco products does not constitute infraction of the tobacco free policy.

Q:  Who is affected by the tobacco policy?

A:  The tobacco policy applies to all people on or in TVCC property. This includes, but is not limited to, TVCC sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas, recreational areas, in buildings or vehicles on TVCC property, in vehicles owned, rented or leased by TVCC and at events on TVCC premises.

Q:  Isn’t it my right to use tobacco?

A:  Tobacco is still a legal product for adults. Today, about 1 out of 5 adult Oregonians use tobacco. TVCC will not try to force anyone to quit tobacco use entirely. However, TVCC will continue to set policies regarding activity on our premises and to create an environment which we believe is in the best interest of the educational environment for our employees, students and visitors.

Resources for smoking cessation include:

  • Oregon Tobacco Quit Line: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
  • Oregon Tobacco Quit Line, en Español: (877) 2-NO-FUME

Q:   When was the policy implemented?

A:  The policy was passed by the Treasure Valley Community College Board of Directors in July of 2016. Education and enforcement started this summer, but will begin next week, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, in preparation for the start of Fall term.

Q:  How is the policy enforced?

A:  TVCC Security Staff will work this fall to educate everyone on the new policy.

We will add signs and additional monitoring this fall. But it is also helpful if everyone takes a role in educating students, employees and visitors. Ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to follow TVCC policy while on TVCC grounds. We ask that everyone remind each other that we are a tobacco free college. We recognize not everyone will feel comfortable approaching smokers, but we encourage all employees to assist with compliance in some way.