No access to campus on July 4th due to herbicide use

As part of the Integrated Pesticide Management efforts required by the State of Oregon, campus must be closed during widespread herbicide or pesticide applications. There will be no access to campus on July 4th in order to apply herbicides. 

Since the adoption of State of Oregon required IPM Policy (EBB) June 19, 2012, the Physical Plant Department has been running a trial on the effectiveness of Non-chemical weed control measures on campus as required under the new IPM policy.

 The trial has proven to be ineffective and has not been cost efficient.  As a result, and as outlined by the IPM plan, the college will be applying two low impact chemicals for weed control on campus. 

These chemicals were selected from the approved Low-Impact Pesticide List maintained by the college, as outlined in ORS-634.700-634.750, and will be applied by a contractor with the appropriate Commercial Pesticide Operators License. The two chemicals being applied are SureGuard Herbicide EPA Registration Number 59639-120 and Gly Star Plus EPA Registration Number 42750-61.

 Spraying of borders, sidewalks, dry swales, parking lot cracks, etc. will take place on July 4th starting a 7:30 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m.  Signs will be posted on prominent entries to the campus. The recommended re-entry time after spraying is 12 hours.

For more information contact Bernie Babcock at 541-212-9576 or email