President's Contract Renewed

President Dana Young's current three-year contract has been renewed by the Treasure Valley Community College Board of Education. This new agreement extends her contract through June 2020. The Board also renewed its offer of additional professional development days for Young to complete her doctoral degree. Action to approve the contract was taken at the May 4, 2017, Special Meeting of the TVCC Board of Education. The Board then directed TVCC Board Chair Mark Wettstein to work with President Young to finalize the contract. The new agreement begins July 1, 2017.

"Renewing the three-year agreement indicates a long-term commitment to ensure critical decisions can be made – and will be supported – in the best interest of the College," TVCC Board Chair Mark Wettstein said.

"President Young has built strong partnerships which continue to enhance TVCC opportunities locally and at the state level," Wettstein added. "There will always be challenges, but making the College accessible to students is clearly a priority and I am excited about the direction the College is moving to offer new programs for students," he said.

Due to the current budget challenges, Young asked the Board not to consider a salary increase. In past years the Board has worked to bring TVCC's President's salary up to be more in line with similar positions in the region.

Young said she is appreciative of the Board's support and is looking forward to future opportunities for the College.

"TVCC has strong working relationships in the community and we are working to build new programs and partnerships to build enrollment," she said. "We have a renewed focus on ensuring our programs help students reach their goals. Whether they want to transfer to a four-year-university, need job skills, or just want one class, we will continue to review our offerings to meet student needs."

 While the Board recognized the challenges and opportunities ahead for the College, Wettstein wanted to acknowledge the hard work of everyone on campus to move the College forward.

 "As we look at the President's performance, we are also looking at the collective efforts of everyone on campus to work together for a common goal," Wettstein said. "We know it takes everyone to make the College successful and we are extremely proud of our dedicated faculty, staff and students. As Board Chair, I am especially looking forward to seeing the campus community work collaboratively over this next year to continue moving the College forward."