Great Solar Eclipse at TVCC

TVCC will be closed to the public until 1 p.m. on August 21, during the Solar Eclipse event. Although public access will be limited, this is still a regularly, scheduled work day for TVCC employees.

Given traffic and other concerns, we don’t expect this to be a busy morning for TVCC students wanting to access campus services; instead, we will focus our resources to assist with a campus event. More than 1,500 local school students from Nyssa, Adrian and Jordan Valley will travel to TVCC for the Eclipse event, hosted by the Malheur ESD and TVCC.

The main campus area will be reserved for these students and their activities. Public parking and viewing will be directed up to the TVCC Gym. No overnight parking or camping will be allowed on TVCC property. 

Employee parking will also be limited to the parking lot next to Barber Hall. All other parking lots will be closed to the public and to employees. This decision was made in order to reserve space for school buses as well as to increase security by limiting parking access while students are on our campus.

Students living in the Residence Halls will still be allowed to park at the Residence Halls and the Weese cafeteria will be open for their meals.

Happy Eclipsing!