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A transcript contains records of all academic work at Treasure Valley Community College. Transcripts may be ordered through the Student Records Department. Please see a few Frequently Asked Questions below.

How much does it cost?

  • $1 - Unofficial Copy, (picked up, mailed or faxed)
  • $8 - Official Copy (mailed or faxed)
  • $8 - Electronic copy
  • $25 - Pick up upon availability

How do I order a transcript electronically?

TVCC, in partnership with SCRIP-SAFE International, provides twenty-four hour access to online transcript ordering through a secure website. Each transcript copy costs $8.00, which includes a $3.00 processing fee. Order updates are delivered by email and can be tracked online.

Order Your Transcript Today!

Can I request a transcript by mail?

Yes! Please Download The Transcript Request form(PDF), print it, fill it out, enclose payment, and send it to:

Treasure Valley Community College
Attn: Registrar, 650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR 97914
Phone: 541-881-5804
Fax: 541-881-5520

Don't Forget:

  • Your name
  • Student ID Number
  • Period of Enrollment
  • Where to send your transcript

You can also fax this request to (541) 881-5520. Please make sure to completely fill out the form and include a Visa or MasterCard for your payment information.

Can I request a transcript by phone?

In order to insure protection of your private information, we cannot take requests over the phone. Will my school accept a faxed transcript?

Will my school accept a faxed transcript?

Possibly. You should check with your college or university to find out if a faxed transcript can be used as an official academic record.

I owe TVCC money. Can I get my transcript?

The college reserves the right to withhold transcripts from students who owe monies to Treasure Valley Community College.

Have questions?

Call 541.881.5804, or send information to: Registrar's Office, Treasure Valley Community College, 650 College Blvd., Ontario, OR, 97914.