Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a monthly forum hosted by the Associated Student Government at TVCC. It's goal is to gather information from the student body via surveys, focus groups, and conversation. A typical Food for Thought forum consists of a booth set up with free food such as brownies or pizza in an attempt to reach out to students.Traditionally, Food for Thought forums are held in Barber Hall and the Laura Moore Cunningham Science Center, but ASG aims to reach out to every building on campus.

Food for Thought has had much success in gathering information from the student body in previous years and has received huge recognition from both the Administration at TVCC and visitors to campus. Because the goal of ASG is to advocate for the voice of the students, the information that ASG gathers is usually compiled and presented to the Administration. Examples of past Food for Thought forums include: a survey regarding tuition increase, focus groups about the student services building, and polls on what activities students would like to see on campus.

If you have any questions regarding Food for Thought or would like to get involved, please email the ASG Academic Senator Baylie Whiting at