ResLife App

Residence Life Application Process

1.  Obtain a Residence Life Application/Contract and roommate questionnaire from the Residence Life Department

You can email the Residence Life Coordinator for an electronic version or the form can be downloaded online by clicking on the following file link: Application/Contract and Roommate Questionnaire

2.  Complete and sign the Residence Life Application/Contract, and Roommate Questionnaire

Complete the entire application  to ensure that it is processed quickly to reserve your room.  If you are printing from the website, print a second copy for your records. Please read the contractual details including the cancellation policies.

3.  Return the signed Residence Life Application/Contract with the $250 Deposit

the $250 deposit must accompany the application in order to reserve your room.  The deposit will also be accepted over the phone with Student Services (541) 881-5815.  In order to reserve a room, Residence Life Application/Contract's must be received by the Residence Life Office no later than August 15th.  Late applications will be accepted until the first day of school; applicants will receive a place on the housing wait list if no rooms are available.  Please review the application and contract information for applicable deadlines and cancellation information.