Institutional Effectiveness & Planning

About Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (OIE) provides critical information and analytical support to the college's decision-makers, strengthening strategic planning and policy-making processes. OIE serves as the chief information clearinghouse for the college and conducts research on student, faculty, and staff to promote on-going institutional self-assessment. OIE also fulfills the college's compliance reporting requirements at both the federal and state levels. 


    • Provide the highest quality data, information, and analytical services.
    • Produce and distribute official college reports in a reliable and efficient manner
    • Develop and publish measures of progress in meeting the goals set forth in the college's strategic plan
    • Provide institutional research and assessment data and data analysis to departments and units throughout the college community.
    • Serve as consultants to other college offices, departments, and individuals on institutional data collection and analysis matters.
    • Provide technical assistance to faculty, administrators, and staff in evaluating the effectiveness of programs and activities
    • Organize and conduct other institutional assessment programs, including assessment of student learning and student activities, both independently and in collaboration with other departments.


Core Responsibilities

Data Reporting

Faculty, Staff, & Student Research

Institutional Assessment

Institutional Strategic Planning and Analysis

Every few years the College participates in an exercise of continuous improvement by reviewing the Core Themes and Initiatives. This particular activity is meant to ensure the Core Themes and consequently each Initiative is in alignment with the direction of the college and ultimately the college mission. During the Board retreat in December 2014, after much thoughtful discussion, the Board of Education reviewed and refined TVCC's Core Themes for 2015. The Initiatives were reviewed in January 2015 at the Strategic Planning Symposium by representatives from all areas of the college community.


David Koehler                      Yumiyo Okuda
OIE Director                        Institutional Researcher / Data Analyst
541-881-5583                      541-881-5858