Cost of Attendance

Your Financial Aid cost of attendance is an estimation of the expenses you will incur as a student while attending TVCC. The cost of attendance is used to determine the maximum amount of Financial Aid in your award letter. 

Multiply the total by the number of terms you will attend this year

Tuition and Fees (in-state)          $1440

Books and supplies                     $450

Dorms - Single suite                 $1,600

Transportation                             $500

Personal expenses                      $375

Total                                        $5,465

2016-2017 General Tuition Rate Information

          • Oregon residents                         $98 credit
          • Out -of-State                               $108  credit
          • Foreign                                       $212 credit
          • Col-Cred Tuition Oregon              $40 credit          
          • Col-Cred Tuition Idaho                 $45 credit
          • On-Line Courses (web)               $113 credit
          • Idaho Centers Class Tuition        $115 credit

Note: The tuition window for the Oregon campus class tuition is 19-20 credits (no charge for tuition credit courses between 19-20 credits with tuition rates again charged at the 21st credit).  All Idaho Centers are excluded from this tuition window.

In addition to tuition charged each quarter for students the following fees will apply:

Universal Fee $16 credit           Student Fee $6 credit

Col-cred classes, Workforce Training Center classes, Community and Continuing Education classes are excluded from the universal and student fees.

Insurance rates apply to full-time students: $1,203 annually / $401 quarterly

Students may opt out of the student insurance by logging onto MyTVCC and completing the Student Insurance Opt Out Form located under Student Services Online Forms

Click here for Resident Life Student Housing and Meal Plan Rates