Student Employment

TVCC participates in the Federal Work-Study Program

Federal work-study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

Who can be employed in the Federal Work-Study Program?

Only students who have completed a FAFSA application and have received an offer of federal work-study funding in their award package can be employed in the Federal Work-Study Program. If you have been offered work-study funding, you may compete for an on- or off-campus work study position.

What jobs are available?

Please contact TVCC Student Service Center for a list of potential job opportunities.

When can I start work and how much can I work?

If you are hired for a position, you may begin working as soon as Human Resources and Financial Aid have processed your paperwork. This will usually take a day. You cannot work more than 19 hours per week nor can you exceed your total award for the term.

Can any student work in a federal work-study position?

No. Work-study designated jobs are available ONLY to students who are eligible for the Federal Work-Study program.

Can any work-study student work in a "community service" position?

Yes, there are some work-study positions that are based in the community. 

What if I don't get hired or choose not to use my work-study funding?

Work-study jobs and funding are limited. There will be many students who do not get to use this award. In many instances you can convert your work-study funding into loans. If you are interested in doing this please come by the financial aid office.

Time Sheet

If you do get a work-study job, you will need to fill out a time-sheet with your supervisor.

Work-study time-sheet

If you have questions please come into Student Services or email financial aid at