Student Loans

Learn more about the three steps of the financial aid process at TVCC. If you have any question or require additional assistance, our financial aid department would be happy to assist you. You may contact us on the web or call us at 541.881.5833.

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STEP 1 - Entrance Counseling

Students borrowing William D. Ford Direct Stafford Loans for the first time at TVCC must complete an online entrance counseling session. Students who have completed an entrance counseling session at TVCC previously do not need to repeat an entrance counseling session.

Read and follow the instructions for completing the tutorial and quiz. (You will need a browser that is Java enabled such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher). The TVCC computer labs and library are available if you do not have internet access at home.

You will be guided through the counseling session. Be sure to read everything carefully, as you will be required to complete a quiz at the end of the session. You will not be able to complete the session without answering every question.

IMPORTANT! - There are 4 additional steps required after completing the entrance counseling tutorial and quiz. You will be prompted and guided through the steps as follows:

1 - Enter your Personal Information

2 - Read and accept your Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities

3 - Select the Schools that should be notified that you have completed Entrance Counseling

4 - You're Done!


TVCC will recieve electronic notification from the U.S. Department of Education confirming you have sucessfully completed the entrance counseling session. We recommend that you also print a copy of your "Borrowers Rights and Responsibilities" page and retain it for your records.

Your loan funds cannot be delivered to you without completing an entrance counseling session.

Click here to complete your entrance counseling session now!

PARENT PLUS LOAN BORROWERS - You must complete a PLUS Loan Application and submit it to TVCC Financial Aid if you are interested in a Parent PLUS Loan. You must also complete entrance counseling. The Parent PLUS Loan will NOT be automatically offered as part of your studen's initial award package.

William D. Ford Direct Stafford Loans - You will need to complete a Stafford Loan Application and submit it to TVCC Financial Aid if you are interested in a Stafford loan and did not indicate this on your FAFSA application or have previously declined this loan on your award letter.


STEP 2 - Complete a Master Promissory Note

You can now complete your Student MPN online! Click here to begin.

If you are unable to complete your Master Promissory Note online, paper MPN(s) can be generated. Contact us to have paper copies of your MPN mailed to you.

PARENT PLUS LOAN BORROWERS: You must also complete a Parent MPN (click here) and submit a PLUS Loan Disbursement Authorization form in addition to your PLUS Loan Application.


STEP 3 - Sign and Return Your Award Notification.

If you indicated on your FAFSA application that you were interested in a student loan, your award notification (issued to you once you have completed all the documentation requirements) will include a student loan offer. You can accept, decline, or reduce the amount offered at any time prior to disbursement. Review your award notification carefully, make any modifications you desire, sign and return your award notification to TVCC Financial Aid.

NOTE: If you did not recieve a student loan offer, please complete a Student Loan Application (select and download the appropriate application using the links above) and submit it to TVCC Financial Aid. Please allow 10 business days for processing.

IMPORTANT - Repaying Your Student Loans

Questions about the student loans or the application process? - Contact Us!