Financial Aid

College can be expensive, but there are funds available to help with college costs, including tuition, books, and living expenses.  We will walk you through the process of receiving financial aid, starting with filling out the application and ending with how to manage your financial aid over the course of your college career at TVCC.

Oregon College Loan Code of Conduct

Steps to Receiving Financial Aid

1. Apply
You will need to apply for financial aid for through the Department of Education at In addition you will also need to apply for admission to TVCC. 

2. Submit Documents
Check your email for communication on how to log on to Net Partner. If we are requesting additional information from you, that information will be listed on your Net Partner account.

3. Review and Accept Award
You will receive an email from us when your award is ready. You can accept or decline any portion of your award on Net Partner.  

4. Receive Your Funds
Learn how to get your refund, charge textbooks, and get a work study position

5. Maintain Eligibility
Financial aid eligibility required students to maintain good academic standing. You can lose your aid - or even be required to give it back! You will be notified of changes to your eligibility by email and Net Partner


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