Financial Aid

Getting financial aid may seem like a confusing process, but it doesn't have to be. TVCC is ready and willing to help you out and simplify the process.

Everything you need can be found here to get you started and keep you on track. If you have questions, check our FAQ page or contact us so we can help you directly.

Once you are ready, start your application for financial aid now.

Our school code is: 003221

For your convenience we have created a Financial Aid Checklist to help you through the process.

Watch for deadlines!  You must have all of your financial aid documents submitted to the TVCC Financial Aid Office before 5 p.m. on the priority term deadline (shown below), in order to ensure processing and on-time delivery of financial aid by tuition due dates. Priority deadlines are set to give the Financial Aid Office the necessary time to review and process aid accurately.  

2016-17 Financial Aid Priority Term Deadlines 

Summer Quarter - April 13, 2016
Fall Quarter - July 20, 2016  
Winter Quarter - October 15, 2016
Spring Quarter - January 15, 2017

Documents will still be accepted after the above dates. However, eligibility may not be determined in enough time to pay tuition and fees prior to the beginning of the term. If an applicant is eligible for aid, the award will be made retroactive. If the priority term deadline is missed, the students MUST be prepared to purchase books and supplies, and set up an installment plan for the tuition and fees according to college tuition deadlines. If out-of-pocket expenses are not reasonable, strong consideration should be given to postponing enrollment until the next quarter, or at such time that finances allow.

 Steps in the Financial Aid Process at TVCC

  1. Complete your FAFSA application.

  2. Apply for admission to TVCC

  3. Check your email and regular mail for communication from TVCC - you will receive 1 paper letter from us with directions on how to use our online system, Net Partner,  to complete your financial aid application here at TVCC.

  4. Once you have received the letter from us, you can log into Net Partner. At TVCC, you will find all your needed documents, directions, award letter, etc using Net Partner.  It is critical that you read all of it and become familiar with the resources there.                                                                                                                                                                                           
  5. Once your file has been processed we will send you an email that states you need to go to Net Partner and accept your awards. You must do this at Net Partner.

  6. If you are using student loans you must complete your entrance counseling and master promissory note at https:/


TVCC Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards

 Please read the Conditions of the Financial Aid Offer thoroughly.

1. Acceptance:

Please review your financial aid offer carefully. You may accept or decline any portion of your award(s) by using Net Partner. Please indicate if you will not be attending Treasure Valley Community College.

2. General Conditions of this Offer:

  • You must be enrolled in an eligible course of study. An eligible course of study is at least one academic year (9 months) in length and leads to a certificate or degree.
  • You may not use federal financial aid for completing your high school diploma or GED, self-improvement course work, or the Certified Nursing Assistant Program.
  • This offer is contingent upon the availability and actual receipt of funds by Treasure Valley Community College.
  • A "Revised Offer" replaces all prior offers of financial aid. Your award may be adjusted, cancelled or revoked during the year due to but not limited to: inadequate institutional, state or federal funding, changes in your enrollment status, failure to notify the Financial Aid Office of your acceptance as indicated above, or receipt of any additional information which affects or negates your eligibility.
  • Grant, Work Study, Scholarship, Activity Award, and Tuition Waiver funds do not have to be repaid upon completion of your program. Any award that includes the term "loan" must be repaid.
  • All offers of campus-based funds (Work Study and SEOG) will be revoked if you fail to notify the Financial Aid Office of your acceptance as indicated above within 30 days of this offer and/or you fail to register for classes by the end of the second week of each term in which a campus based fund is offered.

3. Payment of Awards:

All financial aid funds will be disbursed to your student account according to Federal regulations and guidelines. Financial aid funds are disbursed to your student account only after your class participation has been confirmed each quarter by your instructors. Disbursements to student accounts occur on the second Thursday of each quarter for students meeting ALL disbursement requirements. Financial aid refunds (if applicable) are made available by the TVCC Business Office on the third Tuesday of each quarter. All institutional charges appear as debits on your student account statement and your financial aid awards will appear as credits to offset any outstanding balances owed to the college.

4. Scholarships and Activity Awards:

The Financial Aid Office records all sources of aid in addition to Federal financial aid but is not responsible for awarding or revoking these funds. Any questions regarding a scholarship, activity award, or tuition waiver should be directed to the agency or department from which the award was made.

5. Repayment of Unearned Financial Aid Funds:

Students who withdraw (officially or unofficially), fail to complete, or simply stop attending any or all of their classes during the first 60 percent of a term may be required to repay a portion of the financial aid received for that quarter.  Refunds and repayments are based upon the percentage of the term completed at the time of withdrawal. You are responsible for and agree to pay back any and all overpayment of funds.

6. Standards of Academic Progress:

All students are required to meet TVCC's "Financial Aid & Veteran's Affairs Standards of Academic Progress" in order to receive and maintain eligibility for financial aid funds. Students must meet all standards - General Requirements, GPA Requirements, Completion Rate Requirements, and Maximum Credit Hour Requirements - in order to initially be eligible for and to maintain eligibility for financial aid funding. The standards of eligibility for some scholarships or awards may differ as defined by the agency or department from which the award was made.

In order to receive student loans you must be registered for at least 6 credits.

Your Pell Grant amount will adjust depending on the number of credits you take.

Work study documents only need to be completed if you get hired at the work study job fair held during the first week of Fall classes.

For an estimate of college costs and financial aid assistance available please use our Net Price Calculator.

For help with completing your FAFSA, click on the image below:

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