Concurrent Enrollment

In order to receive federal or state financial aid from Treasure Valley Community College as a student who is concurrently enrolled at Eastern Oregon University or Blue Mountain Community College, you must:

    • Complete the FAFSA application process at TVCC.

    • Be an admitted, degree-seeking student at TVCC.

    • Be enrolled in at least one class that satisfies degree completion requirements at TVCC during each quarter of concurrent enrollment.

    • Be enrolled in class(es) at your other institution that satisfy degree completion requirements at TVCC during each quarter of concurrent enrollment.

    • Meet TVCC's standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) during each quarter of concurrent enrollment for all classes (both TVCC and host institution classes).


Complete an Eastern Oregon Collaborative Colleges Center (EOCCC) Consortium Agreement

Download, print, and submit the EOCCC Consortium Agreement to your HOME institution.

NOTE: If you plan to be concurrently enrolled at all three EOCCC schools at the same time, you will need to submit two (2) consortium agreements to your HOME institution, one for each of your HOST institutions.

Be sure to complete an EOCCC consortium agreement for each academic year.


Register for classes at both your HOME and your HOST institutions.

You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at your Home institution. 

Institutions participating in consortium agreements must exchange information about your current enrollment and your continuing academic performance in order to disburse financial aid funds to you on time. It is VERY important to register as early as possible at both institutions.

Also, try to avoid making last-minute changes to your class schedule and allow sufficient time for your HOME institution to obtain the necessary information from your HOST institution. We recommend that your class schedule be set (you are current in all your classes, not waitlisted) and no changes are made two weeks prior to the start of each quarter. Late registrations and changes to your class schedule will cause delays in the delivery of your financial aid funding.


Monitor your student account at both your HOME and HOST institutions.

The consortium agreement allows your institutions to exchange information concerning your class registration, financial aid, and academic progress among other things.

IMPORTANT: Your HOME institution will disburse all of your financial aid to your student account at your HOME institution. Your HOME institution will NOT remit payment to your HOST institution on your behalf.

In many cases, a financial aid refund may be available from your HOME institution. You will need to make arrangements to pick up your refund (if applicable) from your HOME institution and make payment to your HOST institution.

You are responsible for making payment at each institution individually according to each school's payment deadline/policy.


Complete the classes you register for and maintain satisfactory progress.

Your financial aid eligibility is monitored and measured by your HOME institution according to their standards of satisfactory academic progress. Be sure to review your HOME institution's standards below:

Eastern Oregon University SAP
Blue Mountain Community College SAP
Treasure Valley Community College SAP

Failure to earn passing grades or earning a low GPA may influence your financial aid eligibility. Be sure to complete your classes on time and work with your academic advisor if you encounter any unexpected challenges.