Frequently Asked Questions for College Accommodations

 Is it ever too late to request accommodations?

Students may submit documentation and provide accommodations at any point during the quarter, but any grades already in place or tests taken BEFORE accommodations were granted will not be changed or repeated with accommodations. Not all accommodations can be immediately implemented, and no grades given during the implementation period will be changed. Accommodations are not retroactive.

Do I have to pay for accommodations at the college?

Students are not charged for academic accommodations which are determined by the college to be necessary to ensure equal access for a student with disabilities.

Do I have to use all of my accommodations in every class?

No, a student has the right to never mention his/her disability to a teacher and to never submit the accommodations request letter to that teacher, or to any teacher if so desired. However, the student may not make up work or tests with accommodations at a later date if he chooses not to present the letter at the beginning of the quarter. Also, a student must present the letter at least one week prior to any test for which accommodations are desired.

Why is there a difference between the services I received before and those received at TVCC?

College accommodations usually differ considerably from high school modifications. Colleges are not required by law to provide modified curriculum, different tests, reduced assignments, or personal assistance of any sort. Accommodations may also differ between colleges.

Who informs my instructors about my accommodations?

Students are responsible for presenting their accommodation letters to the instructors, having them sign and date the letters, and returning the original copy to the DSC. If a student has an internet course which never meets with the instructor, the DSC will not require a signed original.