Confidentiality and FERPA

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 Confidentiality & Release of Information:

Enrollment Services - Records maintains all official academic records of enrolled students including transcripts, registration forms, and transfer credit and degree evaluations. TVCC follows the Federal Health Education and Welfare Guidelines for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 - Pell-Buckley Amendment (FERPA) which gives students attending post-secondary institutions the right to inspect their educational records and gives college's permission to allow some student information to be shared with the general public.

TVCC considers the following information to be public information and will release it upon request, on an individual basis; no information will be released "en masse" to solicitors: dates of attendance, major field of study, degrees and awards received, address, telephone number, email, participation in officially recognized sports and activities, and most recent previous school attendance..

Under FERPA, posting grades or test scores on bulletin boards or an office door is permitted ONLY IF the information is affiliated with a particular student via some sort of "secret code".  Social security numbers, telephone numbers and date of birth are NOT acceptable codes, as they can easily identify a student.  While we discourage posting of grades or other student-related information in any way, if you choose to do so, you must do so with a code that cannot readily identify one student to another.

TVCC Disability Services recognizes students' rights to privacy and confidentiality. It is normally the policy of the DS office not to share information concerning disabilities with other parties.

Identifying oneself as having a disability and requesting accommodations are entirely voluntary actions under the law. Any information shared with the DS office concerning a disability, in addition to being confidential, is strictly voluntary. Students with disabling characteristics may attend TVCC without being identified as a "student with a disability" if that is their wish.

After classes begin, an instructor who believes that a student might benefit from contacting the DS office might encourage that student to do so. Students who do not choose to identify themselves to them, however, will not be pressured and will receive no further attention in terms of special services regarding disabilities.

In regard to records documenting disability, the office will comply with FERPA and other applicable laws. We will not forward copies of records documenting disability to anyone without the express written consent of the student. We encourage persons submitting copies of records documenting disability to keep a personal copy of these records in case they decide in the future to share it with another agency/school.

If an individual wishes the DS office to confer with or to provide information to persons who are not members of TVCC's staff, he or she must provide them with permission to do so.

Information regarding a student's disability MAY be shared by the DS office with TVCC faculty and staff under the following conditions: a) in the vast majority of cases, only persons providing accommodations to the student (e.g. faculty) will be informed that the student qualifies for service based on disability but will not be told the nature of the disability; b) only in exceptional cases where DSC  determines that an individual has a justifiable "need to know" such as when safety or legal concerns exist will further information be shared.