Career Tools is the place you go to find some options for your career path. Featuring career resources, assessments and the online resources to help understand them, and some education ideas, is a fantastic way to get your career plans off the ground. 

Oregon & Idaho Career Information Systems

The Career Information Systems in Oregon and Idaho offer resources including a searchable database for scholarships, job descriptions, salary information, and job demand forecasts for Oregon and Idaho. 

Oregon CIS

Idaho CIS


InterviewStream is an online resource to practice interview skills. Useful to students preparing for an aggressive job market or current job seekers looking for the right position, InterviewStream offers you the opportunity to answer common interview questions, and even receive feedback from a career professional with video review. 

College Central Network

College Central Network is a place for you to build resumes, keep a career profile, get job search and career advice, and search for jobs both locally and nationally. Use this site to stay current on Career Center news.