2017-2018 Tuition

Oregon Resident:               $99 per credit
Out-of-State Resident:    $109 per credit
Online/ Web Course:          $99 per credit
Caldwell Center:               $109 per credit
International Students:   $214 per credit

 All tuition rates shown above are subject to change.

2017-2018 Fees 

A non-refundable student fee is assessed to all students based upon total credits. This fee supports student activities through the Associated Student Government. A Universal Student Fee is assessed to provide free parking areas, campus technology and other student resources.  Some classes such as aviation, art, sciences,  equine sciences, nursing, music and career & technical education offerings may have additional course fees. Students should check course descriptions to find out what classes have fees and the amounts. All fees are subject to change. 

Student Activity Fee:        $6 per credit
Universal Student Fee:    $16 per credit
Online/ Web Course:        $15 per credit
Caldwell Center Course:    $7 per credit

Aviation Fees 
Fixed Wing





2017-2018 Payment Due Dates 

Fall 2017 
  • 1st payment due: September 25, 2017
  • 2nd payment due: November 1, 2017
  • Final payment due: December 1, 2017 

Winter 2018  

  • 1st payment due: January 8, 2018
  • 2nd payment due: February 1, 2018
  • Final payment due: February 1, 2018 

Spring 2018 

  • 1st payment due: April 2, 2018
  • 2nd payment due: May 1, 2018
  • Final payment due: June 1, 2018 

Summer 2018 

  • 1st payment due: June 25, 2018
  • Final payment due: August 1, 2018 

Applicable Refunds

Students who Add or Drop a class or need to withdraw totally should begin the process in the Student Services Center. You can obtain the correct forms and, if necessary, meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising area for assistance. Withdrawal from class(es) is a student's responsibility.

The refund policies adopted by TVCC have been developed to comply with all federal regulations, and acknowledge the costs that the college has incurred regarding your enrollment. Every effort has been made to provide our students with flexibility while meeting all legal requirements. The policies we will follow in any transaction regarding refund are:

  • Refunds issued to students resulting from Add-Drop or Withdrawal will be issued at the rate of 100% during the first two weeks of fall, winter and spring quarters, and during the first week in summer quarter. No refund is available after the second week in fall, winter and spring, or after the first week of classes in summer quarter.

  • Federal law governs the return of Title IV funds disbursed for a student who completely withdraws or stops attending classes. If the student withdraws with-in the first 60% of the quarter, funds are "earned" in proportion to the length of time they remain enrolled. The remainder must be returned to the federal programs.

  • If the charges incurred by the student are greater than the aid disbursed, the college must return all funds. If the institutional charges incurred are less that the Title IV funds, the student and the College each return aid. The student repays any "unearned" loan funds under the terms of the promissory note. If the student owes grant money, they will be ineligible until full payment or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.

  • Students who do not withdraw from class but stop attending, or who register but never attend classes will receive the grades assigned by the instructors and will not receive a refund of tuition or fees. Failure to officially withdraw may impact your future financial aid or enrollment status. Students may be administratively removed from the class roster for non-attendance, but this does not release you from the need to officially withdraw or financial obligations.

Student Health Insurance option 

Student Insurance will now require students to "OPT IN" instead of opting out. Students may choose this option during the first two weeks of the term. 

For additional information regarding the insurance benefit, costs and coverage options, please see this link: www.chpstudent.com

For information on how to Opt-In for coverage, contact the Student Services Center (541) 881-5800.