Academic Advising

Individual Assistance

Assistance in planning a schedule of classes and academic program is available to all students with an Academic Advising Specialist. Advisors are located in the Student Services Center and are available by appointment. Call (541) 881-5822 or (541) 881-5815 to arrange an appointment. Prepare yourself to begin classes as a new student, please join us for one of our New Student Advising and Registration sessions.

Caldwell Center

Students interested in attending TVCC at the Caldwell Center should contact Caldwell Student Services at (208) 455-6823 to make an appointment with an advisor.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Treat advisee as a unique individual in a professional manner
  • Listen to advisee's ideas, concerns, questions, and goals
  • Assist advisee in planning a program consistent with their abilities and interests
  • Be knowledgeable about program options and courses required to complete program
  • Assist the student in developing academic plans to achieve graduation 
  • Refer students when academic, attendance, or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals
  • Provide accurate information regarding TVCC's policies, procedures, and student resources
  • Inform students of special services available to them for remediation, academic assistance, and other needs
  • Develop a caring relationship with advisee

Advisee Responsibilities

  • Clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals
  • Contact and make an appointment with the advisor when required or when in need of assistance. If the student finds it impossible to keep the appointment, the student will notify the advisor
  • Take an active interest in developing, planning, and achieving educational goals
  • Prepare for advising sessions and bring relevant resources, questions, and agendas
  • Follow through on actions identified during each advising session
  • Become knowledgeable and adhere to institutional policies and procedures
  • Take charge of their education and ask questions
  • Accept final responsibility for all decisions

How to Prepare for an Advising Appointment

  • Show up to your appointment 10 minutes early
  • Come prepared with your degree intent and courses which are of interest to you. 
  • Bring your completed academic planner and advising worksheet for the advisor to review
  • Know what hours you can attend school (i.e. What is your work schedule? Family obligations? etc.)

After your first term

After your first term, you should meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your progress and continue your education plan. Your advisor will then enable your account so you will be able to register online via MyTVCC during Advising Day or open registration. If you are at a distance, you will also need to make arrangements with your advisor before Advising Day so that you will have access to register online.

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