Nursing Program Requirements


Nursing Program Requirements

Program admission occurs once a year in fall term. The application deadline is February 15 or the first business day thereafter. Students are eligible to be considered for admission to the nursing program after completing 30 credit hours of courses from the Required Prerequisite courses listed below. The 30 credits must include BIOL 231 Anatomy and Physiology I and MATH 095 (or higher) by the application deadline. All required prerequisite courses must be completed with a C or better. Before in enrolling in nursing courses, students must complete the following classes: WR 121, WR 122, PSYC 237, PSYC 201, FNUT 225, MATH095 or higher, BIOL 231, BIOL 232, BIOL 233 by the end of 2nd session of the summer term of the year they will be entering into the nursing program.  The Nursing Faculty strongly suggest completing BIOL 234 prior to beginning fall quarter of the nursing program.







BIOL   231



CHEM   104



BIOL   232



BIOL   233



BIOL   101



PSYC   237



PSYC   201



FNUT   225



BIOL   234



WR   121



WR   122



WR   123



















1 Courses that must be completed by application deadline to be eligible.

2 Courses that must be completed before student can enroll into a nursing course.

3 Must be completed by the end of the first term of the nursing program.

4 Required before entering into the 2nd yr of the nursing program.

5 Science department requires CHEM 104 be completed before BIOL 231 if not completed within past 5 years. However, if you have already completed BIOL 231 or equivalent you do not need to take CHEM 104.

Phase 1 Admission Process:

ADMISSIONS POINT SYSTEM - Eligible applicants will be assessed according to the following point system:

Type   of Points

Maximum   Points

OCNE Points


Nursing Pre-Requisite GPA (GPA X 24) - 56 = Points


Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 or


Completion of Anatomy and Physiology Series


Prior Degree


Completion of 37-44 Pre-Requisite Credits or


Completion of all 45 or more Pre-Requisite Credits


TVCC's Discretionary Points


CNA, LPN, EMT, Paramedic, Surgical Tech, Dental Assisting, Dental   Hygiene, Patient Care Technician , Physical Therapy   Aide, or CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) certification  and have Post-certification patient care   hours of:

>400   practice hours = 6 points

300-399 practice hours = 5 points

200-299 practice hours = 4 points

100-199 practice hours = 3 points

0-99 practice hours = 2 points 




Pre-Nursing Test: Overall Scores

Scores between 81-89%

Scores between 73-80%

Scores between 67-72%





Per Invitation


Proctored Essay/Interview



  1. Nursing Pre-Requisite GPA: A maximum of 40 points will be awarded. All nursing pre-requisite courses for the application must be earned with a letter grade of "C" or better - and applicant must have a pre-program GPA of 3.0 or higher with completed nursing pre-requisite courses.
  2. Completed full sequence of Anatomy and Physiology with a grade of "C" or better will be awarded 5 additional points. Completion of Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 with a grade of "C" or better will be awarded 3 points.
  3. Prior degree: Applicants who hold a prior degree, Associates or higher, will be awarded 1 point.
  4. Completion of all pre-requisites: 5 points will be awarded if all pre-requisites classes have been completed by the end of fall term prior to application as determined by submission of official transcripts. 3 points will be awarded for 37-44 pre-requisite credits completed by the end of the fall term prior to application. Courses that must be completed to be eligible for the 3 points include: Biology 231, Math 95 or higher (the higher math test will only be accepted if it was compassed into).
  5. Discretionary Points (Maximum of 19):
    1. Health care certification in Idaho or Oregon will be awarded up to 6 points based on documented post-certification patient care hours.
    2. Applicants with residency within Malheur County or within 30 fly miles of the college will be awarded 8 points.
    3. Performance on Kaplan Pre-Nursing test for those scoring above the 50th percentile in the Overall Score. 5, 3, or 1 Point will be awarded accordingly.

Phase 2 Admission Process:

The top applicants from Phase 1 of the admission process will be invited for the 2nd phase of the application process which is to sit for a proctored essay and interview.

Essay questions may include situations of:

  1. Diversity
  2. Personal Values
  3. Communication
  4. Motivational Fitness
  5. Tolerance for Stress
  6. In the event of a tie for total points, the applicant with the highest pre-requisite GPA (points) will break the tie.

TVCC and OCNE reserve the right to change or update the areas to be assessed as necessary.

Kaplan Pre-Nursing Testing

Kaplan Pre-Nursing score needs to be above the 50th percentile in the "overall correct". The "overall correct" score is the number that we will utilize on the First Year score sheet for application.

Students who score above the 50th percentile may choose to take the test once more. The highest score will be used to generate the Pre-Nursing Test points on the student's application.

Kaplan Study Guide, Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams: Your Complete Guide to Getting into Nursing School is available in the TVCC Bookstore, Kaplan website, or

The nursing department offers the test Fall and Winter quarters. The winter quarter test date will be offered before February 15th, which is when the application for the program is due. The cost for the test is $35.00 (non-refundable) paid by money order or check to TVCC-Nursing.  Money is due the week before the test. Please bring your money order or check to the Nursing Department Administrative Assistant located at the Ontario Campus.

The Kaplan Pre-Nursing test is administered in the Nursing Department's computer lab, WTC 3. The test administration may be arranged at a local testing center for those individuals not located in the Ontario area.

The test is schedule for a 3 hour block of time. The potential applicant is provided a user name and password. Once inside the Kaplan Pre-Nursing examination there is a short pre-test provided. Each section of the test is timed by Kaplan and the 3 hours overall is sufficient to complete the test. The test covers the subjects of Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking. The Kaplan program provides a calculator during the test.

For further information, call the nursing department, 541-881-5940. TVCC reserves the right to change requirements without notice.

Admission to Treasure Valley Community College does not guarantee admission to the nursing program.

*Refer to "Technical Standards for Nursing" (website).

NOTE: It is the policy of the Treasure Valley Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and non-discrimination should contact the Human Resources Director located in the Student Services Center on the south side of the Four Rivers Cultural Center Building. Telephone (541) 881-5835.

Post-Acceptance Admission Requirements

All admitted TVCC Nursing Students must meet the following requirements before they can begin any Nursing courses:

  • Return "Intention to Enroll" form to the Nursing department.
  • Attend Mandatory Orientation. Students will be informed of orientation date, time, and location in their acceptance letter.
  • Submit Physical Examination form completed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner*.
  • Successfully complete any outstanding nursing pre-requisite course with a grade "C" or better.
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check through the agency designated by TVCC*.
  • Successfully pass a urine drug screen through the agency designated by TVCC*.
  • Submit proof of current immunizations*.
  • Submit proof of current CPR for Health Care Providers certification from the American Heart Association*.

*Applicants should not pursue meeting these requirements prior to being admitted into the nursing program. Admitted students will receive specific directions from TVCC's Nursing department on how to fulfill these requirements.

Still have questions? Contact Us, and a member of our nursing department staff will be happy to assist you.