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Get your Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

In the Fall of 2014, TVCC will usher in the first admission class to the Oregon Consortium Nursing Education curriculum (OCNE). After successfully completing two years at TVCC's nursing program, students will have the option of completing a Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Oregon Health Science University's online program.


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Pre-Requisites required for new admission

Beginning Fall 2014
WR 121, 122, & 123 or 227 (9 Credits)
BIOL 101 (4 Credits)
A&P Series; BIOL 231, 232, 233 (12 Credits)
BIOL 234 (4 Credits)
FNUT (4 Credits)
PSY 201 (3 Credits)
PSY 237 (4 Credits)
Math 95 (5 Credits)
Social Science Electives (3 Credits)
Total Pre-Requisite Credits: 51 Credits


Optional Courses


3-4 Credits:

Computer course (CS 120) or computer competency.

6 Credits:

Any transferrable level 100-200 non-studio Humanities course.

Example: Literature, History of Western Art, Intro to Humanities, Survey of Theater or Art

Statistics: Math 243
Second Language

2(Two) Years of High School or College level lanuage coursework. Spanish is encouraged.



Psyc 201 and 202
Sociology 204 and 5
9 Credits - Arts and Letters

Including Literature, History of Western Art, Intro to Humanities, and Survey of Theater or Art.



Math 243 and 244

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