Nursing Assistant Courses

The program, approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, is designed to prepare the graduate for entry-level employment as a Nursing Assistant Level 1, which is required for employment in the State of Oregon. State certification through Oregon State Board of Nursing must be obtained after the course is completed. A state-administered test is provided at TVCC on a periodic schedule throughout the year.


  • Opportunity for employment readily available
  • Over minimum wage
  • All states require State certification
  • Introduction to the health care field - aids in making career decisions
  • Provides employment while pursuing career advancement in LPN and RN educational programs
  • This knowledge can be applied to everyday living

Topics covered include:

  • Interpersonal Relationships (nursing assistant-patient and family and staff).
  • Growth and Development throughout the life cycle
  • Cultural Aspects
  • Legal/Ethical Aspects
  • Medical and Nursing Terminology
  • General Patient Care:
    • Patient bathing
    • Taking and recording vital signs
    • Feeding patients
    • Infection control
    • Caring for patient's personal needs.

Program Entrance Requirements

  1. Complete and submit application form to the nursing department.
  2. Documentation of successful completion of background check and drug screen urinalysis through American Databank:
  3. Proof of a current AHA Health Care Provider CPR card.
  4. Proof of current health care insurance.
  5. Complete one of the following:
  • Provide High School Diploma or GED (desirable)
  • Provide College transcript with Writing 121 completed and passed with a "C" or better.
  • Complete reading test and score 55 or above.
  • Pass the PreNA class with an 85% or higher. Contact the Testing Center for hours at 541-881-5799.

    Accepted students must pass both a physical and a criminal background check.

Download Nursing Assistant Application


Costs are estimated and subject to change without notice.

  • Tuition
    • In State: $725
    • Out of state: $800
  • Books: $75
  • CPR Class: $59
  • Fingerprinting: $64.50
  • Physical: $45
  • Uniform: Caribbean Blue Scrubs, white leather shoes: $50 - $70
  • Gait Belt: $10
  • Watch with second hand (Digital with seconds clock also acceptable): $25
  • Background check and drug screen urinalysis ($96)
  • State Certifying Test: $106

Note: The student is responsible for their own health and insurance expenses. Neither Treasure Valley Community College nor the clinical agency is responsible for illness or accident costs while a student.

Financial Assistance may be available.