Students taking photography courses at TVCC have a rare tool available to them in a hands-on, traditional dark room. Students will learn techniques utilized by the greatest masters of photography such as Edward Weston and Ansel Adams The darkroom forms a basis for digital photography and Photoshop manipulation in the digital darkroom. Students learn everything from loading film into a camera to creating enlarged prints of their work. Students in the digital photography classes learn the basics of digital photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. All photography classes take occasional field trips to local areas to practice techniques learned in the classroom. 

Photography Courses offered

Are you interested in photography and getting the best images you can? Enhancing a good image to make it great? Enroll in one of TVCC's photography courses, and have fun while you learn!

Video Production

Video Production introduces elementary concepts of video production including digital video camera operation, digital non-linear editing, and pre-production planning. This is a "hybrid" course that is required to meet on the Ontario TVCC campus four times during a term. ART 151

Basic Photography

Learn about the functions of both film and digital cameras by exploring electronic and traditional darkroom procedures with film. ART 261

Beginning Digital Photography

Beginning Digital Photography focuses on camera handling, camera functions, capturing an image, composition and editing using Adobe Photoshop. ART 265

Intermediate Digital Photography

Students continue to investigate the digital camera and its many functions, continuing to stress composition, lighting and presentation and more complex Photoshop tools and computer skills.  Pre-requisite of ART 265.  ART 266


 TVCC Photography

Student Work

Student projects YouTube created by instructor Ted Fink.

Photography Student ExmaplePhotography Student Example