Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Department is firmly dedicated to a two-fold mission. First, we will offer the most comprehensive educational opportunities in Music and Theater to all students of the Western Treasure Valley. Second, we will support the mission statement of Treasure Valley Community College by providing opportunities for cultural growth to area residents through quality vocal, instrumental and theatrical performance.

Students at Treasure Valley Community College enjoy the opportunity to perform in various choral, instrumental, and Community ensembles, including the Treasure Valley Symphony and the Treasure Valley Chorale.

The Performing Arts Center is committed to producing and presenting performances by our students and faculty, as well as by local, regional and national artists to bring quality and educational art to the student body and the community.

You, the audience, are a critical part of our student's learning.  We extend our heartfelt thanks for your partnership, support and enthusiasm.

A wide array of music courses includes fundamentals of music; music literature; rock history; and private study in various genres. Applied music courses include brass, guitar, percussion, piano, strings, woodwinds, and voice.

The TVCC Performing Arts Department sponsors the Young People's Concert Series performed by the Treasure Valley Symphony each academic year.

2017-2018 Performing Arts Schedule