Writing Lab


Writing Lab

The Writing Lab was created to help students succeed in their writing classes and on writing assignments for classes in any discipline.  It is a resource that can be used at any point in the writing process.  We try very hard to accommodate all students by having open hours in the morning and evenings. Writing Lab hours are updated each term so check here or in the labs in Ontario or Caldwell.

We have many handouts which may also answer many of your questions about writing issues. We also have handouts for practice on most grammar issues. Come visit us for help, handouts, or a calm voice when you are stressed trying to get that paper finished.


What we ask of you, when you come to the Writing Lab.:

checkbox   Please allow yourself enough time to have your paper looked at and to make necessary revisions. Don't come at 9am to have your paper looked at when it is due at 10am.

checkbox   The more you come and have various instructors look at your paper, the better it will be. Plan to use the Lab on a regular basis.

checkbox   Please do not bring your children to the Lab.

checkbox   Please do not conduct group work in the Lab.

checkbox   The Writing Lab is set up to be a quiet place for students to work on their papers and get feedback. Most of our users appreciate the quiet atmosphere and we strive to keep it that way.

checkbox   Always be courteous of others while using the Lab computers. Our number of computers is limited, so please do not use them for internet searches and other non-paper related work.

What you can expect of Lab personnel when you come to the Lab.:

checkbox   We will be respectful and helpful when you bring us your paper.

checkbox   We will offer constructive criticism in the area you ask us for help with.

checkbox   We will get to you and your paper in a timely manner and in the order we are presented with it.

checkbox   We will offer help if we see you enter the Lab, but sometimes you will have to ask us.