Dual Credit and College Choice Programs

Weese Courtyard

Treasure Valley Community College provides opportunities for area high school students  to earn TVCC credits while still in high school.    Classes are taught on the high school campus by qualified high school instructors.

Dual Credit Form

College Choice

Treasure Valley Community College offers local high school students the opportunity to enroll in one college course each quarter - without the expense of tuition

Advisors in the Student Services Center can help students with class selections. Students can make an appointment with one of the advisors or drop in at the Student Services Center during regular business hours.

Students meeting the criteria for the program can register, on a space available basis, one week before each quarter.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

Students need to meet the following requirements to be eligible for College Choice:

  • Have at least Junior credit standing
  • Have High School cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

College Choice Checklist

  • Treasure Valley Community College Application for Admission
  • COLLEGE CHOICE Concurrent Enrollment Approval Form. Submit each quarter student attends TVCC.
  • Transcripts. Submit official high school transcripts with Enrollment Approval Form each quarter. 
  • COMPASS Placement Test
  • Registration Form. Each quarter, students meet with an advisor for class selection and advisor signature.
  • Submit all materials to the Student Services Center.


The COL-CRED (College Credit) program at Treasure Valley Community College is a collaborative educational venture in partnership with area high schools. It is a unique opportunity for high achieving students in Oregon and Idaho to earn college credits while still enrolled in high school.

COL-CRED classes are usually those that meet general education requirements for Oregon and Idaho universities. They are introductory in nature and meet the basic core requirements offered during the college freshman year.


The program benefits:

The Student
It provides an additional avenue for academic acceleration to students intending to continue their education at the collegiate level.

The Parents
It provides a cost effective beginning of a student's college education.

The Institution
It provides an avenue for collaboration and integration of curriculum and academic expectations between the secondary and post-secondary instructors and institutions.

Available Classes

* Not all classes are offered at all locations


Beginning Drawing:
ART 131, 132, 133


English Composition:
WR 121, 122, 123


General Chemistry:
CHEM 121, 122, 123

General Biology:
BIOL 101, 102, 103

Physical Science
Physics: GSCI 104


General Psychology:
PSYC 201, 202


U.S. History:
HIST 201, 202, 203


College Algebra:
MATH 111

Elementary Functions:
MATH 112

Pre-Calculus 1:
MATH 113

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness for Life:
HPE 295

How to Enroll

  1. Apply for Admission (No Admission Fee).
  2. Take placement test.
    *No fee for first placement test, $10.00 fee for a re-test.
    *Some courses require placement scores as pre-requisites
  3. Fill out registration form.
  4. Meet with instructor for class selection and advisor signature.
    *Done every quarter

Oregon Tuition: $40/Credit

Non-Oregon Tuition: $45/Credit

For more information: 

Stephanie Oester
Col-Cred Coordinator
Phone: (541) 881-5806
E-Mail: soester@tvcc.cc