Dual Credit Programs at Treasure Valley Community College

Treasure Valley Community College provides numerous opportunities for high school students to earn college dual creditcredits while still in high school. Please review the following programs to find out how you can get a jump start on your college career at reduced tuition costs.

In order for you to receive a TVCC student ID number and register for dual credit classes, please complete the free dual credit form below and get started earning credits!

If your school isn't listed here, contact Stephanie Oester or Calvin Hiatt.

Home School

Are you a home schooled high school student? You may also be able to take advantage of dual-credit programs. Contact Stephanie Oester or Calvin Hiatt for details.


Dual Credit Form



These honors classes are taught on the high school campus by qualified high school instructors. Students are given both High School and College credit. Cost through TVCC is $40 per credit in Oregon and $45 per credit in Idaho. The registration process is facilitated through the high school teacher. Students can sign up for as many Col-Cred classes as are offered at each individual high school.

Please see the Col-Cred Student Handbook for more details.


College Choice

Treasure Valley Community College offers local high school students the opportunity to enroll in one college course each quarter - without the expense of tuition! Two weeks prior to the beginning of each term, students are able to sign up for any of TVCC's classes that still have seats available. Both online and live classes are eligible for College Choice. The costs and fees are only $22/credit plus the expense of books, if required.

Who Qualifies for the College Choice Program?

  • Must have at least Junior credit standing (starting summer after Sophomore year)
  • Must have High School cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

College Choice Checklist

  • Treasure Valley Community College Dual Credit Application for Admission at: www.tvcc.cc/dualcredit
  • COLLEGE CHOICE Concurrent Enrollment Approval Form - Submit each quarter student attends TVCC.
  • Transcripts. Submit official high school transcripts with Concurrent Enrollment Approval Form each quarter.
  • Placement Test - www.tvcc.cc/current/testingcenter
  • Registration for class. Each quarter, students meet with an advisor for class selection and advisor signature on Concurrent Enrollment Form.
  • Submit all materials to the Student Services Center when meeting with TVCC advisor.

College Choice 2017/2018 Registration Dates:

College Choice Registration March 20-31
Classes begin April 3

College Choice Registration June 12-23 
Classes begin June 26

 FALL 2017
 College Choice Registration September 11-22

 Classes begin September 25

WINTER  2018
College Choice Registration December 18-January 5
Classes begin January 8

College Choice Registration March 19-30
Classes begin April 2    

College Access

Local High Schools are given a number of "slots" for select TVCC online classes: Ontario (11), Vale (5), Nyssa (6), Burns (5), Adrian (3), Jordan Valley (3), Harper (2), and Huntington (2). The registration process is facilitated through the high school counselor for one of the following classes: Psychology (8), Sociology (6), Art 101 (8), Music 101 (8), and Speech 111 (7). Cost through TVCC is $45 per credit. Text books are checked out through Malheur ESD. Only one class per student per TVCC quarter (fall, winter, spring). College Access requirements are that students must be a Junior or Senior and have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA.

Registration for College Access is administered through Malheur County ESD. For more information about this dual credit opportunity, please contact Chris Paulsen at (541) 473-3138 ext. 4855.

Sponsored Dual Credit (2+2/Tech Prep)

The TVCC Sponsored Dual Credit (2+2 Tech Prep) Program is a CTE (Career and Technical Education) Program which offers Oregon high school students free college credit in CTE classes taught in the high schools by high school instructors. Idaho students can use Fast Forward funds for this program. For Oregon students, the college credit is free and for all students, the registration process is facilitated by the high school teacher. All high school students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) can take these classes. For more information on the Sponsored Dual Credit program, please see our webpage.

For more information on how to earn college credit with TVCC while still in high school, please contact Calvin Hiatt at (541) 881-5814 or Stephanie Oester at (541) 881-5806.

Advanced Opportunities

Advanced Opportunities allow for Idaho students to individualize their high school learning plan and get a jump start on their future. Students may take classes at TVCC online or in person through the program. Information can be found here.