Mission, Goals, and Value Statements


Distance Education at Treasure Valley Community College is committed to the ongoing development and delivery of lifelong learning, free from the restraints of geographical boundaries and technological limitations. We desire to foster a learning culture that empowers students to pursue education in ways that are in harmony with the realities of their lives.


  1. To embrace the national trend of distance learning by providing high quality online, video courses, or other appropriate mediums.
  2. To ensure that students taking advantage of our distance delivered courses experience a consistent, high quality, and sustainable product.
  3. To be able to measure the success of our distance programs consistent with assessment and outcome strategies used by the college as a whole.
  4. To strengthen and enlarge enrollments.

Values of Treasure Valley Community College:

  •  Pursuing Excellence
  •  Promoting Scholarship
  •  Ensuring Access to Education and Training
  •  Upholding Ethical Practices and Integrity
  •  Nurturing Creativity